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Students can take the following language classes the department offers to fulfill their foreign language requirement. Those who have studied a foreign language before attending USF can take our online placements, which we offer in Chinese, Filipino, French, German, Japanese and Spanish, or schedule individual interviews with faculty in other languages prior to registration to ensure they enroll in the right class. Students can only take the online placement test once for a given language. Multiple attempts for the same language are disallowed, as only the first score will be recorded. First semester classes are for true beginners only. All classes are 4 units, except those under accelerated options.

Accelerated Options 

The department offers Hebrew, Ancient Greek and Latin, which students can take to fulfill their three-semester requirement in two semesters. Each course is worth 6 credits.

Students can also take intensive language classes in Spanish, French and Japanese. Each course is worth 8 credits. Students will continue their language study in a third semester class after taking the intensive class.


ARAB 101 – First Semester Arabic

ARAB 102 – Second Semester Arabic

ARAB 201 – Third Semester Arabic 

American Sign Language

ASL 101 – First Semester American Sign Language

ASL 102 – Second Semester American Sign Language

ASL 201 – Third Semester American Sign Language

Chinese (Mandarin)

CHIN 101 – First Semester Chinese

CHIN 102 – Second Semester Chinese

CHIN 201 – Third Semester Chinese

Students raised speaking Mandarin or a dialect of Chinese are eligible to take the following courses that constitute the new language track for heritage leaners.

CHIN 112 – Chinese for Heritage Speakers I (equivalent to CHIN 102)

CHIN 211 – Chinese for Heritage Speakers II (equivalent to CHIN 201)


FILI 101 – First Semester Filipino

FILI 102 – Second Semester Filipino

FILI 201 – Third Semester Filipino


FREN 100 – Intensive French (8 units)

FREN 101 – First Semester French

FREN 102 – Second Semester French

FREN 201 – Third Semester French 


GERM 101 – First Semester German

GERM 102 – Second Semester German

GERM 201 – Third Semester German

 Ancient Greek

GREK 101 – First Semester Ancient Greek (6 units)

GREK 102 – Second Semester Ancient Greek (6 units)


HEBR 101 – First Semester Hebrew (6 units)

HEBR 102 – Second Semester Hebrew (6 units)


ITAL 101 – First Semester Italian

ITAL 102 – Second Semester Italian

ITAL 201 – Third Semester Italian


JAPN 100 – Intensive Japanese (8 units)

JAPN 101 – First Semester Japanese

JAPN 102 – Second Semester Japanese

JAPN 201 – Third Semester Japanese


LATN 101 – Language in Ancient Rome (6 units)

LATN 102 – Language and Power (6 units)


PORT 101 – First Semester Portuguese

PORT 102 – Second Semester Portuguese

PORT 201 – Third Semester Portuguese


SPAN 100 – Intensive Spanish (8 units)

SPAN 101 – First Semester Spanish

SPAN 102 – Second Semester Spanish

SPAN 201 – Third Semester Spanish

Students raised speaking Spanish are eligible to take the following course:

SPAN 221 – Spanish for Bilingual Students I

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