Tips for Parents on Coping With Trauma

  • Talk with your student as often as needed. You may find that he or she wants more contact with family at this time, and that is normal.
  • Encourage your student to express his or her feelings about the incident. Provide support, realizing that all feelings are legitimate.
  • Reassure your student that strong feelings after a tragedy are not uncommon.
  • Realize that being away from home may be disconcerting at this time; your student may have never experienced this form of anxiety previously.
  • Consider asking, “Are you worried about anything at this point?” This will give your student the opportunity to express any particular fears.
  • Encourage your student to seek support from fellow students. Advise your student to be alert to campus communications and familiar with emergency procedures on campus.
  • If your student needs to talk with a professional, suggest that he or she visit USF CAPS or University Ministry office.
  • If parents are concerned about their student and want to consult with a professional, call USF CAPS 415-422-6352.


USF Counseling and Psychological Services

Emily Schermerhorn, LCSW
Case Manager
(415) 422-5330