On-campus Resources

Yoga as Healing

Yoga as Healing is a multiple week program taking place during each semester at USF in conjunction with UCSF. They are often offered Tuesday & Wednesday evenings at USF. Each class offers survivors a safe space to gain greater awareness around strength, stability, assertiveness, and mindfulness. Classes will have different themes, focus on various restorative postures, build strength in the core, explore positive affirmations, and will also be coupled with guided activities including de-briefing exercises, journaling, and art. Join us for one of our yoga programs to find deep connection, build community, and continue on your journey to heal. 

Please note: Spots are now open for the Spring 2018 Yoga as Healing Program. Please visit the Yoga as Healing page for more information. Any questions can be directed to lefleming@usfca.edu.

The Haven

The Haven is the smallest living facility at USF and the home of our community for students in recovery from substance use and abuse. Consisting of a converted house and cottage, The Haven offers students independent apartment-style living in the main house or cottage.

If you are interested in this housing option or want more information visit The Haven at College website or call The Haven at (310) 822-1234. Space is limited so early application is recommended.

The Mentoring and Monitoring (M&M) Program for students in recovery

  • Peer mentoring: mentors will introduce mentee to students in recovery and offer support. Mentors will attend recovery meetings with mentees and are invited to join the Haven Life 360 to be connected to the community at all times
  • Drug testing: Performed by a Haven staff member on a random basis once or twice a week. When required, the Haven mentor will contact the student to perform urinalysis at Haven or a designated location. The student must respond quickly and must perform the test monitored by a same-sex mentor. Dominion Labs will bill the student’s health insurance directly
  • Meeting attendance: Students will be required to attend weekly Haven 12 step meetings and an additional recovery meeting each week
  • Monthly Family Conference: Each month the mentor, mentee, and their family will meet in person or over the phone to discuss progress and/or concerns. Parents are welcome to contact the Haven peer mentor to share information about students

Call Jon Anderson (610) 639-8544 or email jon@thehavenatcollege.com for more information.