Self-Help & Resources

The resources listed on this page are favorites of the staff at CAPS. Check them out, as well as looking at the menu to the left for more tools for managing stress, sleep, and other concerns. Health Promotion Services also provides a space for students to work through any challenges adjusting to campus life through 1:1 Wellness Coaching with graduate level peer educators. 

Self-Care Kit

Support your growth and well-being with this CAPS guide to self-care.


Inspiration for black women and women of color. Co-hosted by USF professor and former CAPS therapist Dr. Dominique Broussard.

that discomfort you're feeling is grief

Read this article about “ambiguous loss” and how it relates to our experiences during COVID-19.

self compassion

Treat yourself with loving-kindness by practicing these research-based exercises.

psych central

Learn about common psychological conditions and take quizzes to learn more about your symptoms. 

head space

A mindfulness app with guided meditations to improve your focus and well-being. Listen to 10 free meditations or gain full access for $10/year.

the homecoming podcast

Hosted by psychologist and minister Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis, this is a podcast to facilitate your journey home to yourself with inspiration and health tips.

self compassion ted talk

Psychologist Kristin Neff, Ph.D., discusses her life-changing research on self-compassion.

Ted Talk 02

Brené Brown studies human connection—our ability to empathize, belong, love. In this talk, she shares an insight from her research.

Two People Interacting.

Animated videos on this website can help you learn tools and skills from CBT and DBT therapies which help you manage your emotions, thoughts, and relationships! 

Text Flyer for Josie's Place: Josie's Place offers grief support for children and teens in San Francisco. If you are interested in joining our groups or referring a family to our services, please contact us via or 415-513-6343.

Josie's Place provides facilitated peer-support groups to children, teens, young adults and caregivers in the SF Bay Area who are grieving the death of a parent, sibling, close relative or friend.