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Below, find information regarding applying, attending, and financing Graduate School or Professional School.

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How to Write the Perfect Personal Statement (4th Edition), Mark Alan Stewart

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Choosing a Law School

While many students rely on rankings when applying to law school, it’s important to remember that there are many other valuable factors to be considered. Consider your own needs in terms of location, diversity, curriculum, required test scores, cost, professors, and financial aid to help you choose the law schools that may be best for you.

The following may be helpful in evaluating your decision to apply to a particular school:

  • Visit the Law School Admission Council website to find a wealth of information for prospective students.
  • Call the Career Services Center to make an appointment to meet with a career counselor to discuss your plans, ask questions, and receive guidance.
  • Conduct Informational Interviews: if possible, speak with current law school students and faculty in the programs you are interested in.
  • Review the California State Bar Association's Examination Results. Examine the bar pass rates for ABA and non-ABA accredited schools.
  • Research the average and mean LSAT scores and GPAs of admitted students for the programs you are interested in. However, remember that high scores alone are not guarantee of admission. Likewise, if your application showcases other strong qualities and accomplishments, scores lower than the average should not prevent you applying to particular programs.
  • Do a side-by-side comparison of the schools you are interested in. What are their acceptance rates, LSAT and GPA scores, bar pass rates, placement rates, tuition, and financial aid availability? Also look at other factors that are important to you, such as location, diversity of student body and faculty, extracurricular activities (Law Review and/or student organizations and clubs), campus facilities, career services, and classes in your areas of interest.


LevelBar is a year-long pre-law program providing academic support, mentoring, and financial aid to high-potential, low-low income students in the San Francisco Bay Area. A particular focus is the LSAT: the program includes a full 9 months of LSAT preparation taught by a 5-year LSAT instruction veteran. Applications are up now and all programming is completely free to admitted students.

Counselor Licensure Information:


Counselor Licensure
Becoming a licensed professional counselor can seem and be complex at times. State licensure boards have provided the necessary information regarding their requirements to practice as a counselor in their state, however, this material can often times be tricky to find. As a student or recent graduate, it is common to feel overwhelmed with the required steps toward licensure and in what order to approach these steps.