MSP Testimonials

"MSP has granted me a wonderful opportunity to foster a sense of belonging. The continuous mentor support has proven immensely valuable, making the process of community building even more enjoyable and fulfilling."

"Put simply, the Muscat Scholars Program does more than just leveling the playing field for first generation students. Muscat Scholars learn about the essentials of campus life, like how to navigate campus and student resources, as well as special opportunities like tabling with potential employers—all before everyone else comes onto campus. On top of all of this, you have the opportunity to build a genuine family with your fellow scholars and leaders, and they could end up being your entire world in the coming four years."

"Without the Muscat program, I feel like I would have been lost in San Francisco; not only because it is a new environment but because I struggled to make connections. It gave me an understanding of how both college and living in the city works, especially the field trips to Japantown and other parts of San Francisco. I am proud to call myself a Muscat Scholar."