Transfer Student FAQ

Q. How do I view my Degree Evaluation?
Instructions on how to find your Degree Evaluation are available on the Graduation Center website.

Q. How do I view my academic transcript on MyUSF?
Log into MyUSF. Click on Student Records. Click on Academic Transcript.

Q. I viewed my academic transcript and determined not all credits are here. What do I do?
This probably means your latest transcript has not been received by USF. To be sure, contact to determine whether your transcript has been received. If your transcript has not been received, please, contact your previous college and ask them to send a copy of your official transcript to The Office of University Registrar.

Q. I viewed my academic transcript and do not see my AP credits, what do I do?
For AP questions, please contact

Q. Does my GPA from my previous institution transfer to USF?
No, your GPA only reflects the grades that you have earned at USF.

Q. Why are some of my classes listed as Open Electives on the Degree Evaluation?
Transfer credits that do not meet specific requirements of the University Core or the student's major, DO count as Open Electives toward the 128 unit requirement for a baccalaureate degree.

Q. Who do I contact to find out whether one of my classes satisfies a University Core requirement?
Please complete the Transfer Credit Request Form to check if your class may be evaluated as a University Core requirement.

Q. Can a transfer course listed as an Open Elective be re-evaluated for Major class credit?
Yes. Contact your Major Department for next steps. Bring in your old syllabus which should include a description of the assignments and material covered in class as well as textbook(s) used so that the course can be further evaluated.

Q. What if I don't have the syllabus for a transfer course?
If you don't have a copy of your syllabus, you should contact the college or department you attended to request the material. Colleges are required to keep this information on file for accreditation purposes.

Q. How can I find out who my Faculty Adviser and/or CASA Coach is?
Go to myUSF. Click on Student Tab. Click on Registration. Click on Registration Status & Advisor Information.

You can also find your faculty adviser and CASA coach in your USF Student Hub. Log into your Student Hub via your myUSF Dashboard/myUSF apps. 

Q. Can I complete classes outside of USF?
The university policy does not permit students after they matriculate to USF to take their Core, major, minor, language, or other departmental requirements at another institution. Study abroad opportunities are an exception to this policy. For more information, please read the Loading....

Q. I am thinking about changing my major but I am unsure which major I want to change it to.  Are there any resources out there to help me with my decision?
Yes, the Explore Your Path portal has some great resources and links for you to explore yourself and the different majors.

Q. Is there a student club on campus specifically for transfer student?
Yes, to find out more about them visit Transfernation »