Culturally-Focused Clubs Council (CFCC)

The Cultural Centers serve as advisors to the Culturally-Focused Clubs Council (CFCC), which includes a representative from each culturally-focused club, and is designed for intergroup communication and collaboration. Representatives meet bi-monthly to participate in leadership development, cultural competency, and ally-building training.

The mission of CFCC at USF is to aid in the development of the university's recognized Culturally-Focused Clubs and Organizations and their individual members. Involvement in leadership activities and a commitment to open communication is the foundation upon which CFCC will inspire collaboration, empowerment, and interculturalism.


Through meetings, representatives from cultural organizations discuss the importance of collaboration and unity with the USF community.

Organizations will explore ways that students can focus on the USF mission through social justice work. Meetings are for organizations who are members of the council and the meeting schedule will be determined in August for the Fall 2023.

If you are interested in attending these meetings and are not a member of a culturally-focused organization, please contact CFCC at

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