Academic Integrity

It is expected that students complete original work while at the University of San Francisco and maintain the highest standards with regard to appropriate documentation of the work of others. At the discretion of the faculty, student work is subject to a search utilizing Turnitin.

As educators, we’re responsible for maintaining the integrity of our classrooms. An important first step is to recognize that citing sources and understanding plagiarism may be difficult for incoming students. Helping students achieve and maintain mastery of these concepts requires sustained attention.

Report an Incident

For Faculty Resources on Academic Integrity or to report an incident visit USF's Academic Integrity page.

Academic Integrity Committee

The Academic Integrity Committee is responsible for oversight of the honor code and shall investigate alleged honor code violations in a fair and impartial manner. In cases in which a student is found in violation of the honor code, the Academic Integrity Committee will award sanctions as appropriate. Under no circumstances (including a finding of 'not in violation' of the honor code) does the Academic Integrity Committee have the authority to change a student's grade. In cases in which a student is found not in violation of the honor code, all information pertaining to the alleged violation, including the name of the student, will be removed from the committee's records.