Grade/Instruction Concerns

Procedures for Handling Concerns about Instruction/Grades

The following text appears in SOE student handbooks for the handling of any student concerns about instruction or grades:

USF instructors are expected to be open and sensitive to student concerns and criticisms. USF students, in turn, are expected to demonstrate constructive assertiveness in resolving problems with their instructors.

Recommended Steps for Registering the concern

The following is suggested: If a student has a concern about an instructor from whom s/he/they are taking a course, or a question or criticism regarding the contents and/or activities of a course, the student should take the steps described below to register the concern and seek resolution of the matters at issue. The school will make sure to address the student’s concern(s) fairly and expeditiously.

  1. In the first instance, the student should immediately try to register the concern directly with the instructor and make every effort to resolve the issue. Prior to their meeting, the student should be very clear about the concerns and be ready to suggest specific alternatives for improvement that would contribute to a constructive class experience. In speaking directly with the instructor, the problem may be resolved.  The instructor may require some time to consult, or review materials and, as a result, it will be the instructor’s responsibility to contact the student (phone and/or in writing) within 5 working days after the initial meeting.
  2. If, after Step One, the student’s concern has not been addressed, the student should directly contact your faculty advisor.  The faculty advisor will contact the instructor in question.  Within 5 working days, the faculty advisor should contact the student to share the findings.
  3. If, after Step Two, the student’s concern has not been addressed, the student should directly contact the department’s Program Coordinator and/or Chairperson.  The Program Coordinator or Chairperson will attempt to resolve the problem and provide the student with a response within 5 working days from the time the problem was brought to his/her/their attention.
  4. If the student is not completely satisfied with the above steps, the student should next submit the complaint in writing to the Associate Dean.  Upon receipt of the written complaint, the Associate Dean will make every attempt to respond to the student’s inquiry within 5 working days (not to exceed 15 working days).  The case may be referred to the Dean of the School of Education.