Student Awards

Elizabeth Bigelow Award for Counseling Psychology Students

This award is presented at the December Graduation Ceremony to a graduate student in the Counseling Psychology Department for outstanding service to the program.

For nominations or further information contact the department:
(415) 422-6868

Conference Presentation Stipends

All currently enrolled master’s and doctoral SOE students are eligible to apply for a Conference Presentation Stipend to assist in conference expenses.

How to Apply

Applicants must have been officially accepted to present (e.g., individual presentation, panel presentation, poster presentation, etc.) at a professional (national or international) conference related to their field(s) of study. Stipends cannot exceed $200 per term.

Special status students are not eligible to apply.

Applications are reviewed by the applicant’s department chair and faculty members.

Application Forms

For application forms or further information, students should consult their department assistant.

Application Guidelines