Poetry for Food Justice Student Competition

Two categories to compete in: Spoken Word and Public Service Announcement (PSA). Sign up by Wednesday, April 25th, before 5pm.

Spoken Word Judging & Rules

(10 point scale)

Content (5 points)
  • Application to Food Justice: Materials about the themes of food justice / sugar. Does the poem specify the urgent need around the problem of sugar?
  • Originality/Creativity: Interaction with word play.

  • Form/Performance (5 points)
  • 1-3 minutes. (0.1 points taken off for going over time every ten seconds)
  • Does poem flow well and includes unique forms of expression?
  • Interaction and/or involvement with the audience.

  • PSA Judging & Rules

    (10 point scale)

    Content (5 points)
  • Accuracy: Information included in the PSA correct and recent. Statistics, dates, etc., are all correct.
  • Inclusiveness: PSA speaks to target populations. Incorporates multiple perspectives or highlights an array of high-risk behaviors, populations, etc. PSA makes an effort to showcase multiple racial/ethnic, gender, sexual, ability, and/or faith-based identities.
  • Persuasiveness: How well does the PSA draw in the listener/viewer and keep his/her/their interest?

  • Form/Production (5 points)
  • Creativity/Originality: Is the PSA original? Does PSA infuse music, artwork, and other unique forms of expression?
  • Production Quality: What is the overall quality of production (including visual and sound elements)? 60-90 seconds
  • Prizes

    First place in spoken words and PSA: $75 gift card
    Second place in spoken word and PSA: $50 gift card

    Questions? Please contact Professor at Evelyn Ho eyho@usfca.edu

    Resources for Spoken Word:

  • Youth Speaks
  • USF’s Lyricist Lounge (1st Friday of the month from 7-9pm at UC 4th floor lounge)
  • USF Word
  • Resources for how to create a PSA:

  • How to Create the Perfect Public Service Announcement
  • HealthCommWorks
  • Event Co-Sponsors:

  • Health Promotion Services
  • Communication Studies
  • Media Studies
  • Performing Arts & Social Justice
  • Masters in Public Health
  • The Bigger Picture
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