Performance Appraisals

As part of the University’s overall Performance Management Program for non-union employees and OPE staff, the formal performance appraisal is a summary of the year-long communication between employees and supervisors. 


Non-Union Employees

For non-union employees, performance reviews are required to consistently take place during the fiscal year and consist of the following process:

  • Employees complete a “self-appraisal” form to review their own performance from the previous year.
  • Supervisors complete a “staff performance appraisal” form to review and assess their employee’s performance from the previous year, and to review and revise their employee’s goals as needed for the next year.
  • Supervisors are required to meet one-on-one with their employees to review and discuss the self-appraisal and staff performance appraisal forms.
  • All Departments are required to retain a copy of both the self-appraisal and the staff performance appraisal for each employee.

OPE Staff

For OPE staff, the process includes a check-in approximately mid-way through the annual review period. Per the Collective Bargaining Agreement, employees are contractually obligated to meet with their supervisors for a mid-year performance check-in; no formal documentation (written evaluation) is required by either party. All signed and completed performance appraisals are due to Human Resources in Lone Mountain 339 by April 25, 2020. For questions, please contact David Philpott at

Performance Appraisal Forms:

Please use the appropriate  HR approved forms to complete your self-appraisal and, if applicable, your supervisors' appraisal(s).  Should you want to use a different instrument for your non-union employees, you may do so.