Go Green: Environmental Wellness at USF

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Restore our Earth

Climate change affects people around the world, and has serious consequences for those in the Bay Area. Protect the health of our communities, our environment, and our city with your actions — they matter!

If there was ever a time in which humanity should finally recognize that we belong to one connected family on Earth, this should be it. We share a single planet, drink from the same water and breathe the same air. Do your part by joining the Go Green challenge to practice living green and join any of the virtual events below.

Virtual Events

USF Sustainability Highlights

  • USF generates 5% of the main campus electricity demand from solar panels.
  • We have increased our waste diversion rate to 64%.
  • Only 26% of USF students and employees commute alone to campus.
  • USF reduced water use by 30% from 2013.
  • USF sources more than 36% of its food from local growers.

To learn more, visit the Office of Sustainability web page.