2023 Go Move Challenge: Week Three Recap

people standing
Canisius College participants braving the cold to earn their minutes during their lunchtime polar walk


Published February 17, 2023

Hello, fellow movement enthusiasts! There are only 11 more days left in the challenge. Remember to track all of your minutes through Tuesday, 2/28 at 11:59pm pst. We have a grace period of Wednesday, 3/1, 11:59 p.m. pst to enter our final minutes. Keep up the great work. It's not over until it's over!

The leaderboard for most average number of minutes has shown motivation with definite groupings of institutions so close in minutes. It's been fun to watch how the numbers have grown and positions have changed, especially with the average number of minutes per person!

Please enjoy some personal stories below on how our participants are earning their minutes and staying motivated.

Inspiring Colleague of the Week

Who: Kristin Santiago, Saint Joseph's University

How are you earning your minutes? "I am earning my Go Move minutes by doing what I love doing the most - dancing! I am a longtime ballroom dance competitor, but I only recently discovered social salsa, bachata, and kizomba dancing in October 2022. Now I'm obsessed. I like that the Go Move Challenge encourages healthy connection and rewards people for prioritizing their health and self-care. It even inspires people to try active hobbies that they may have never considered in the past!"

Thanks for sharing Kristin. You truly are an inspiration by earning your minutes by doing something you love!

people dancing

Is your colleague an inspiration for the Go Move Challenge? Do you have a personal wellness journey that you would like to share? Share the story for your colleague or yourself here.

The Team Experience: How are you moving?

The USF HR Benefits team share how they've been moving this month.

Members: Diane Sweeney (team captain), Carol Cruise, Ron Chin, Mara Krasts, and Jenny Vuong

Diane: "I've been walking solo or with friends, tackling the hills and stairs of San Francisco. I've been out and about at Lands End, Sunset Reservoir, Forest Hill, and Lake Merced."

Carol:  "I do several hours a day on my Peleton and my live HIIT classes. My live class has a new program called, "Burn and Earn" and I earn points everytime I take the class so I do several of them a day. I'm in 4th place, so I need to take more classes. My goal is to be #1!"

Ron: "On weekdays, I walk in the park with my small dog, an extra motivator. On weekends, my walks are longer because I go by myself down towards a further path in the park that leads to the old Presidio (SF). 

Jenny: "I need to step up my game, compared to my team members, lol! I've been walking in my neighborhood, racing wtih Kyler up the SF hills, and doing YouTube yoga/stretching."

Mara: "I've been mixing it up with pickleball, dog hikes, hula, and fitness classes with the goal of getting at least 60 minutes a day. I try to get minutes in at lunch and again after work. I had a blast in an 80's cardio dance class on Sunday that was choreographed by a former choreographer/dancer with Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Paula Abdul!

Mara's dog during a hike


Leaderboard - Most Minutes

The leaderboard is ever changing, so visit the Go Move Challenge website to see the most current standings! To date, the top institutions averaging the most number of minutes per person are:

  1. Santa Clara University
  2. Creighton University
  3. Loyola Marymount University
  4. University of San Francisco

Leaderboard - Most Average Number of Minutes

  1. Saint Peter's University
  2. Santa Clara University
  3. Loyola Marymount University
  4. Saint Joseph's University

Regional Leaderboard: Most Average Minutes Per Person

The regional home page is based on average number of minutes. This has leveled the playing field! The leaderboard is ever changing, so visit the Go Move Challenge website to see the most current standings! To date, the top universities with the most minutes by region are:

  • East Coast: Saint Peter's University
  • Midwest: Regis University*
  • West Coast: Santa Clara University
  • South: n/a

*First time in this position!

Get Social

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Count Down

There are 11 more days to go before the winning institutions are announced! Keep moving and logging your minutes. If you have any questions, please contact the Go Move Challenge administrator, Suzy Kisylia, at skisylia@usfca.edu.

Weekly Recaps

As we have been reporting each week, participants have been as excited as ever to share their feedback on how the Go Move Challenge has positively influenced their month of February and beyond. If you missed any stories from previous weeks, you can access them, along with pictures, at any time: