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Go Save Challenge: March 1-30

Small changes make a big difference when it comes to saving money. In this financial wellness challenge, check in each time you avoid spending money on a regular expense. All registrants receive a piggy bank and will be entered into a giveaway for a chance to win a prize! Visit gousfchallenges.org to sign up and play.

On-Campus Seminars

March 1312-1 p.m.Estate PlanningLone Mountain Main 100RSVP »
March 2112-1 p.m.Overcoming OverwhelmMcLaren 251RSVP »
March 2812-1 p.m.Navigating Social Security in RetirementMcLaren 251RSVP »

TIAA Online Webinars

March 139-10 a.m.Retirement Plan RulesOnlineRSVP »
March 1312-1 p.m.Income Options in RetirementOnlineRSVP »
March 149-10 a.m.Dismantling Annuity MythsOnlineRSVP »
March 1412-1 p.m.Navigating Debt ConsolidationOnlineRSVP »
March 159-10 a.m.Healthcare During RetirementOnlineRSVP »
March 1512-1 p.m.Financial Guide for WomenOnlineRSVP »

For more information about USF's retirement and financial planning, please visit HR's retirement web page.