Curricular Practical Training

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is off-campus, paid or unpaid employment that is a required or integral part of your program's curriculum.

F-1 international students can request CPT only if they are in a program that requires an internship or practical training, or there is a required or optional course that has a practical training component. CPT is not available for all academic majors. Refer to the USF catalog of classes or consult with your academic advisor regarding internships or practical experience for your degree.

If you have determined that your program does allow you to pursue CPT, you will need to submit the following to ISSS to apply for CPT:

  1. Name and email of your academic advisor (They will be required to fill out a form on your behalf.)
  2. A letter from your employer
  3. Proof of course enrollment in the USF internship course (if applicable)

For more details about CPT eligibility and the needed supporting documents for the application please read the CPT instructions.