Letters of Verification

As an international student, you may need letters of support at different times during your studies. ISSS writes individual letters only for purposes that require immigration status verification. Please refer to the different types of letters below and determine which one you need.

New Visa Letter

If you are applying for a new F-1 or J-1 visa to the United States or a visa to visit another country while you are a student in the United States, ISSS can write you a letter to support your application. This letter can verify your program, units, academic and immigration standing, and confirm when you are expected to finish your program. If you are traveling between terms, it is best to have registered for the next academic term, so ISSS can include this evidence of status maintenance in your letter. You can request this letter through MyISSS.

Vendor Letter

Many international students do not have a Social Security Number, and a landlord or company may want more proof of financial ability before agreeing to a lease or contract. ISSS has prepared the Vendor Letter that you can download, print and show as evidence of your financial solvency. Please read this letter before using it, so that you understand what it is saying and you can explain it if needed. This letter is commonly used for renting an apartment and getting a cell phone.

2023-2024 Vendor Letter

2024-2025 Vendor Letter

Invitation Letter

ISSS has prepared some guidelines and template letter to help students invite family or friends to come visit them. Sometimes a family or friend may want an invitation letter from the student to help verify their intentions to visit the United States and support their tourist visa. Students are able to write this letter themselves and can request a Certificate of Enrollment from the Student Enrollment Services office to include with their invitation letter and prove their student status.

Certificate of Enrollment and Official Transcripts

Students can request a Certificate or Enrollment and Official Transcripts from the Student Records office. The Certificate of Enrollment is an official letter stating information about the student's study at USF (degree level, major, period of study, expected graduation date, etc.). ISSS recommends that students requesting this letter indicate that they would like all the optional information included in the letter. Official Transcripts show the history of course enrollment and any available grades. Students traveling between terms and applying for a visa should get the most current transcripts with grades for the last completed semester. Both these documents can be requested online or in-person at the Student Enrollment Services office, however, if you don't have a Social Security Number it can be easier to request them in person if possible.