trainer squatting
Trainer squatting on bench
Modified Squat
trainer squatting side view
How to Squat (Side View)
trainer hinging
How to Hinge
Ankle joint skeleton view
Ankle Mobility
trainer performing Myofascial Release
Myofascial Release to Improve Ankle Mobility
trainer performing glute bridge
Hip Mobility
trainer with foam roller
Thoracic Spine Mobility
trainer pointing to right shoulder
Shoulder Mobility
trainer performing push up
How to perform a push up
student stretching on chair
Stretches: Cat Cow on Chair, Seated Twist, Restorative
student stretching
Relaxation: Shoulder Rolls, Inhale Sweep, Spinal Stretch
student stretching
Dynamic Stretches: Thoracic Spine
student stretching
Stretches: Shoulder and Chest Stretch, Wrist Stretches
student stretching
Stretches: Shoulder Roll, Mountain Pose, Warrior