Intramural Policies

I. USF Student Conduct Code

As a program/service that extends into the lives of many individuals belonging to the USF campus community, the USF Intramural Sports program asks that all participants adhere to the University’s Student Conduct Code.

Conduct that endangers the physical or psychological well-being of any person, including but not limited to the following, will result in disciplinary action;

  1. Physical abuse
  2. Verbal abuse
  3. Threats
  4. Intimidation
  5. Harassment
  6. Coercion
  7. Harm to self
  8. Hazing (Reference Hazing Policy for more information)

Visit for more information on the Student Code of Conduct.

II. Sportsmanship

In congruence with the Student Code of Conduct, it is a participant’s duty to behave appropriately and responsibly. While competition can heat up, there is no excuse for poor sportsmanship and any act that endangers the wellbeing of another. A two game suspension is the minimum penalty for game ejections. Officials are to be respected at all times and any reported mistreatment will result in an automatic suspension.

III. Eligibility

Current USF students and USF faculty/staff are eligible to participate in the IM Sports program.  Make sure you have your USF ID to access the Koret Center and to check in for your game. No ID, no participation.

sport Club participants

A USF Sport Club participant may also participate in the same sport for Intramurals.  However, teams will be limited to three Sport Club members if the Intramural Sport is the same.  For instance, an Indoor or Outdoor Soccer Intramural team is not permitted to have more than three Soccer Club members participating.  Any team found to have more than two club participants will not be permitted to participate in playoffs.

Varsity Athletes

A NCAA athlete must be one semester removed from varsity competition in order to participate in the same sport that they are playing for the University. This policy includes NCAA redshirts. For instance, a varsity soccer player cannot play on an intramural indoor or outdoor soccer team. If a varsity player is found to be playing illegally all members of that team will be suspended, from that sport, for the remainder of the semester and the incident will be reported to the University.

IV. Rosters

Rosters will be finalized and locked after the second week of the season. Plan accordingly for injuries and for participants that are out of town periodically. Once rosters are LOCKED teams will not be able to add players to their roster. If a team is found to be participating with a person who is not on their roster they will be penalized with a forfeit for the game in which the ‘ineligible’ participant played in.

V. Forfeits and Punctuality

You’re expected to be on time for ALL of your games. A late arrival forfeit will be at the discretion of the Intramural staff. Please be respectful of our limited field and court space and show up on time. Teams that accumulate two forfeits in a semester will be ineligible to make the playoffs. If you extend the Intramural Office a 24 hour notice of a forfeit, your team will be given a default.  Defaults will count as a loss for your team but will not count against playoff eligibility.

VI. Play Structure

Leagues are set up to run for the duration of the semester. A single elimination bracket tournament will follow the regular season for playoffs. The top four teams will advance, with the semifinals and championship games being played on the same date.  The exception is basketball in which the semifinals and championship will be played on different days.

VII. Division Descriptions

  • All leagues are designed to promote open play without gender specification. Having participants from both genders is highly encourage but not mandatory. If game play is severely lopsided, a team may ask the referee for special dispensation.
  • A CoRec league is designed to promote open play with both genders being on the court/field at the same time. All teams a required to have a minimum of one player from both the female and male genders on the official roster. One player from both the female and male genders must be on the court/field during a game.
  • Certain leagues are listed as gender specific, Men’s or Women’s. A formal request may be made for players wishing to participate in a league designed for the opposite gender.

VIII. Injuries

If you sustain injury while participating, please bring it to the attention of the Intramural staff on duty. The Koret Center is staffed with various persons trained in First Aid, AED and CPR. Seek their advice and assistance prior to treating an injury yourself.

IX. Equipment

USF IM Sports will provide game balls, jerseys and pinnies. We will not provide practice/warm up balls. Basketball jerseys must be checked out with a photo ID.


Proper athletic footwear is required at all times. Metal cleats and baseball/track spikes are not permitted during any Intramural contest. No bare feet, flip flops, sandals or any form of open-toed shoes are permitted. The Intramural staff will ask the offending individual to remove the shoes the first time. However, any subsequent time, the individual will be ejected from the intramural contest.


Leg and knee braces made of hard, unyielding material must be covered on both sides and all edges with appropriate slow-recovery padding. Jewelry is NOT allowed to be worn by any participant during an intramural contest. This includes any visible rings (including wedding bands), watches, necklaces (including hemp necklaces), earrings, studs, bracelets and any other such similar jewelry. Medical alert bracelets are permitted.

X. Inclement Weather

Game cancellations may occur due to inclement weather. Captains and participants should proceed as if games are on unless otherwise notified. If a game is canceled we will do our best to notify captains at least an hour prior to game time. Games in progress may be called due to weather or waning daylight, at the discretion of the Intramural staff. Canceled games may not be rescheduled due to limited space and available dates.

XI. Game Rescheduling

We strongly encourage captains to bring any scheduling concerns to our attention as soon as possible. Due to limited space and available dates, requests cannot be guaranteed. If a reschedule request is denied, the team making the request may opt for a default provided they give advanced notice. If, over the course of the regular season, your team arrives at a situation that requires rescheduling consideration, those requests must be made within 24 hours of game time in order to avoid a forfeit. Games will be rescheduled based on space and both team’s availability.

XII. Game Protests

A protest can be filed regarding player eligibility only. If you are under the impression that the opposing team is playing with a person that is not on their roster, is not a USF student, is a varsity athlete competing in their associated sport, etc., you are encouraged to bring it to the attention of the IM Sports office within 24 hours of the conclusion of the game in question.

XIII. Playoff Advancement

In order to advance to the playoffs your team must adhere to all of the policies and guidelines set forth.  The top four teams within a league will advance to playoffs.  Teams that accumulate more than two forfeits will not be eligible for playoffs.

XIV. IM Spectators

Every IM participant and spectator must have access to Koret, through a valid USF ID or Koret membership.  If a spectator does not have a valid USF ID or Koret membership they must pay the Koret drop-in fee.  It is imperative and expected that you inform all potential spectator friends or family that they must pay a drop-in fee to enter the Koret Center when coming to watch your games.