Intramural Sports

Fall 2024 Intramural Sports Leagues

Day Sport League Location Start Date Start Time (PST)
Monday Volleyball (recreational) Open Swig Gym Court #3 9/9 6:00 PM
Monday Flag Football Open Negoesco Field 9/9 6:30 PM
Tuesday Volleyball (competitive) Open Swig Gym Court #3 9/10 6:00 PM
Wednesday Basketball CoRec Swig Gym Court #2 9/11 6:00 PM
Thursday Basketball Men's Swig Gym Court #2 9/12 6:00 PM
Saturday Outdoor Soccer Open Negoesco Field 9/14 3:00 PM

All leagues, dates & times are subject to change. *Please note- ALL Intramural Sports participants are required to be fully vaccinated (two weeks after a full vaccination cycle of an authorized vaccine) to participate in the program. *NO EXEMPTIONS

The Intramural Sports program is intended to provide structured sport leagues for current USF students, faculty & staff. The program is designed to promote fair play, positive social interaction, and healthy lifestyles in a safe and fun environment.

All of our Intramural leagues, unless specified, are considered open, meaning all gender can compete on the same teams. The only exception being basketball where we provide options for CoRec, and Men's.

Additional Information

Team Registration will open on Monday, August 12th, 2024 @ 9:00 AM.

Team Registration will close on Monday, September 2nd, 2024 @ 9:00 PM.

Captains can create their teams as soon as registration opens.  Team Registration will close one week prior to the beginning of league play.  Teams must have a minimum of 5 participants, without the help of Free Agents, in order to be included in the semester schedule.  Teams that do not meet the minimum number of participants by the Team Registration deadline will be dropped from the semester schedule. The maximum number of participants per team is 12.
*Subject to change for placement of Free Agents.

Online Registration
Step 1: Login your ActiveNet account.

Step 2:  Pay the intramural registration fee  

All participants must pay a registration fee of $5 prior to registering for an intramural league. If registering after team registration closes, participants will pay the Late Registration fee of $10. The Late Registration period closes the day before the first week of play. Participants will not be permitted to register after the deadline.

Step 3: Select sport/league

After paying the fee, a participant is permitted to register for as many intramural leagues as they like.  Participants are limited to one team per league. Free Agents may register for ANY free agent team and use the code 'free' to complete registration.

Individuals who do not have enough members to form a team are invited to participate in all intramural sports as free agents. All participants that register on a Free Agent team will be placed on an assigned team prior to the start of the season.  Free agents must be registered prior to the start of play (use code 'free' to join any free agent team).

Schedules will be created the week after Team Registration closes. Game start times will be determined by the number of teams in an individual league. The first game of the day will start at the posted time, see the schedule above. League schedules will be posted online under the ActiveNet "Sports" tab for all to view. The top four teams will advance to the playoffs, with seeding being based on W-L record. Playoff scheduling will be #1 v. #4 and #2 v. #3 with the winners playing each other for the championship. All semifinals and finals will be played on the same day with the championship being scheduled 30 minutes after the end of the semifinals. Playoffs will be held the week of November 11th through 16th and Championships will be held the week of November 18th through 23rd.


All playoffs and championships will be played on different days with the championship being scheduled the week after playoffs.. Playoffs will be held the week of November 11th through 16th and Championships will be held the week of November 18th through 23rd. The top four teams will advance to the playoffs with seedings based on the following: 

  • Rankings will be decided based on W - L record. 
    • In the event of a tie, the higher seed will go to:
      • The team that won the regular season head to head match up.
    • If a head to head game was not played then:
      • 1. The team that has more forfeits will lose their ranking, if no forfeits…
      • 2. The team with the higher point differential; points for divided by points against.
  • Playoffs will be played with seed #1 playing seed #4 and seed #2 playing seed #3. Winners will advance to the finals.

All refund requests must be made in writing to the Recreational Sports Manager at .  Requests will be reviewed and, if granted, will be given as credit to your Active Net account. The credit can be used for any other Koret services.