Academic and Personal Advising

Students should direct questions about academic issues to an associate or assistant dean, the registrar or assistant registrar, or the other advisors listed below who serve students in particular programs. 

Students are assigned faculty advisors and have a scheduled meeting with their faculty advisor at the start of their first year. While students are able to schedule additional meetings with these individuals throughout their law school career, depending on their question and/or area of interest, they may seek out additional advisors. The advisors available to students are listed below, and the particular areas they supervise are highlighted. If students have specific questions relating to a particular course or practice area, they should contact the faculty advisors that specialize in that particular area. Please refer to the Curriculum Guide and the affiliated faculty advisors which are listed on the Academics section of the website.

General JD Advising

Amy Flynn, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs | (415) 422-6304

Is generally responsible for the academic programs of the Law School, including curriculum development, faculty and their (full time and adjunct) teaching assignments, and recruitment of adjunct professors. Dean Flynn oversees development and application of the law school's academic standards and Student Honor Code. The Associate Dean consults and works closely with the Law Registrar on matters related to academic standards, curriculum, and class scheduling.

  • Academic standards and Student Honor Code (or issues relating to academic dishonesty)
  • Permission to visit away at another ABA-approved law school
  • Questions regarding professors
  • All clinical programs-related questions

Stephanie Carlos, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs | (415) 422-6304

Oversees multiple areas relating to student affairs and law school life, including public interest and mission-related activities, multi-cultural awareness, issues and activities, student groups, co-curricular organizations, large-scale student events, grants for public interest summer jobs, student well-being and non-academic student discipline and behavior issues. She coordinates multiple aspects of orientation and is also responsible for graduation exercises. Dean Carlos spends a significant portion of her time on diversity-related issues involving the entire law school community. She oversees the law school's  Pro Bono Program.

  • Academic and personal advising
  • Advising on student life and community issues
  • Continuing Advising Program
  • Multi-cultural awareness and programs
  • Permission to take a leave of absence or withdraw from USF School of Law
  • Pro Bono Project
  • Multi-cultural awareness and programs
  • Public Interest Law Certificate Program
  • Questions about student groups, co-curricular organizations and symposia

Stephanie Darcy, Registrar | (415) 422-6778

Oversees the day to day student-related academic matters and serves as resource to students, faculty and staff for academic policy and procedure issues, including Graduate LLM and MLST programs. She develops the class schedule and also works with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs with regard to academic standards issues, including discipline and disqualification. She is responsible for overseeing the implementation of disability related accommodations at the School of Law. 

  • Academic advising
  • Bar admissions process
  • Certificate programs
  • Course registration and scheduling issues
  • Degree requirements
  • Disability accommodations
  • Joint and concurrent degree programs
  • Permission to take an incomplete or withdraw from a course
  • Permission to take courses at another ABA-approved law school
  • Permission to study abroad in a non-USF School of Law-sponsored law program

Andrew Palos, Assistant Registrar | (415) 422-6778

  • Academic requirements advising
  • Certificates
  • Course registration and scheduling issues
  • Degree requirements
  • Disability accommodations

Carol Wilson, Co-Director, Academic Support Program | (415) 422-2985

  • Provides academic and personal advising for students admitted through the program.

Heidi Ho, Co-Director, Academic Support Program | (415) 422-5852

  • Provides academic and personal advising for students admitted through the program.

Jonathan Chu, Co-Director, Academic and Bar Exam Success Program | (415) 422-6360 

  • Provides academic and bar examination advising to first-year and upper-division students.

Katie Moran, Co-Director, Academic and Bar Exam Success Program | (415) 422-2820 

  • Provides academic and bar examination advising to first-year and upper-division students.

Allison Wang, Director and Assistant Professor, Externship Programs | (415) 422-4467

  • All clinical and judicial externship-related questions
  • International Summer Externship Program questions
  • Student-practice related questions for judicial and clinical externships

Karren Shorofsky, Interim Director, Career Services | (415) 422-4450

  • Career and personal advising

Student Disability Services | (415) 422-2613

  • Disability accommodations

International LLM Advising

Julianne Cartwright Traylor, Associate Director, International LLM & Visiting Scholar Programs| (415) 422-6658

  • General inquiries
  • General advising
  • International Semester Exchange Program questions
  • Professional development for international students
  • Permission to take a leave of absence from the LL.M. program
  • Visa services and advising

Office of International Student and Scholar Services | (415) 422-2654

  • Visa application process
  • Immigration documents
  • Immunization requirements

LLM in Taxation and MLST Advising

Olivera Jovanovic, Director, LLM & Master's Programs | (415) 422-6900

  • General inquiries
  • Academic advising

Margaret Mullane, Assistant Director, LLM & Master's Programs | (415) 422-3647

  • General inquiries
  • Academic advising

Golzar Ansari, Program Coordinator, LLM & Master's Programs| (415) 422-3783

  • General inquiries
  • Student support