Law Dean FAQ

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You have questions.  We have answers!  We know that these FAQs don’t cover all of your administrative questions, but we hope that you can find the answers that you need by directing you to the right place on our intranet site.

Q:  I am so excited about becoming a lawyer!  Can I take twenty classes in my 2L year and graduate early?
A:  Sorry, the answer is no.  There are requirements about how many units you can take each semester and how many semesters you need to be in residence at the law school.  These requirements and all other academic policies can be found in our JD Program Academic Requirements and Policies.

Q:  Does my One Card have special powers?
A:  Yes! You get 10% off at all on-campus dining locations, including the Law School Café. Visit OneCard for more information.

Q:  I’ve been talking to my friends and family about the challenges of law school a lot.  In fact, I just can’t stop talking about it.  Is there anyone else who will listen?
A:  The Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Program will listen.  Their services are free and available to all law students.

Q:  If I promise not to get into any skateboarding accidents, do I still need health insurance?
A:  Yes!  Visit Health Promotion Services for more information.

Q:  If I don’t read the Honor Code, I’m not responsible for complying with it, right?
A:  You must comply with the USF School of Law Honor Code, whether you read it or not.  But you should have read it because you signed a form saying that you did!

Q:  I’ve been told that I might have a learning disability, but I haven’t been tested.  What should I do?
A:  Contact the Student Disability Services (SDS) to find out what your options are and make a plan.

Q:  In addition to being a law student, I plan to compete in a professional body-building tournament next year.  Where can I get my work-out fix?
A:  Koret Health and Recreation Center is free for our students and offers recreational sports activities, programs, and services to promote healthy lifestyles.

Q:  I’m going to a number of comic conventions, dog shows, and Pokémon Go Gym Battles in the next year.  How can I make sure that I plan all of these events around my academic schedule?
A:  Take a look at the academic calendar to determine the schedule for classes, the final exam period, holidays, and other important academic dates.

Q:  I don’t plan on getting into any trouble at all — whatsoever, nada, zilch, nil, zero, zippo — while I’m in law school.  But let’s just say something goes wrong for “my friend,” what does “she” need to know? 
A:  The University policies for Non-Academic Student Honor Code applies to all law students.  Also, check out our Medical Amnesty/Good Samaritan Alcohol and Drug Policy. 

Q:  I LOVE information about logistics!  How do I learn about law school events and administrative announcements?  
A:  You will get an email every Monday morning from the Office of Student Affairs letting you know about upcoming deadlines and what’s happening around the law school in our ThisWeekatUSFLaw newsletter.

Q:  I just can’t get enough of my desktop, laptop, smart phone, tablet, e-reader, and pedometer.  But I can’t connect them to the USF wifi system.  Help!
A:  Our University ITS Help Desk is at your service.  And if you say please and thank you, they’ll help you for free!

Q:  I am a First Amendment enthusiast, and I want to make sure that I have an outlet to tell the people in charge what I think.  I especially like to fill out forms.  How do I satisfy this urge?
A:  If you want to tell the law school about what’s going well or not so well, we want to hear it. We have an online Law Student Feedback form, and we encourage you to provide us with your feedback. Or just come talk to us!

Q:  There are so many deans, directors, staff, and um, just people, walking around the law school.  What does everyone do here?
A:  We are all here to help you have a meaningful and satisfying law school experience.  For a description about what everyone does, visit the academic and personal advising webpage.

Q:  I’m so confused, I don’t even know what I’m confused about.  What should I do?
A:  Just ask us—any of us—and we’ll guide you to the right office, program, or person to help you.