Non-Academic Student Honor Code

Non-Academic Student Honor Code

Student Conduct, University Standards, Policies and Procedures

As a Jesuit institution, USF is committed to being a community that facilitates the holistic development of its members. 

In keeping with this commitment, the student conduct code, process and related policies and procedures have been created to guarantee each student’s freedom to learn and to protect the fundamental rights of the campus community.  The University has created these policies and procedures to achieve its objectives as a Catholic, Jesuit University.  The policies and procedures are inclusive of the laws of the nation, the state of California, and the local community.

This commitment encourages the freedom for individual choice and expression with the expectation that individual members of the community will be honest, demonstrate respect for self, others, the law,  and University policies and procedures.

Academic Honor Code

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Procedure for Appeal Process for Change of Course Grade

Non-Academic Student Conduct Code

Section 1 Purpose
Section 2 Authority and Jurisdiction
Section 3 Interpretation
Section 4 Communication
Section 5 Prohibited Conduct
Section 6 University Policies and Procedures
Section 6.1 Acts of Intolerance
Section 6.2 Alcohol and Drug Policies (includes Medical Amnesty/Good Samaritan policies)
Section 6.3 Animal (Service and Assistance) Policies
Section 6.4 Community Relations
Section 6.5 Designated Smoking Area
Section 6.6 Eligibility Policy for Participation in Student Activities
Section 6.7 Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination
Section 6.8 Fundraising and Other Noncommercial Activities
Section 6.9 Hazing
Section 6.10 Missing Student Notification
Section 6.11 Parental Notification
Section 6.12 Physical and Psychological Emergencies
Section 6.13 Prevention of Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment
Section 6.14 Privacy of Student Records - FERPA
Section 6.15 Services for Persons with Disabilities
Section 6.16 Sexual Misconduct
Section 6.17 Summary of Copyright, Photocopy and Media Reproduction
Section 6.18 Technology Resources Appropriate Use
Section 6.19 University Letterhead and Logo Student Use Policy
Section 6.20 Victim Notification
Section 7 Student Conduct System
Section 7.1 Student Conduct Participants, Officers and Boards
Section 7.2 Student Conduct Procedures
The following procedures will be used for all student conduct proceedings, except as noted in Section 6.16 Sexual Misconduct Policy and procedures section.
Section 7.2.1 Incident Report or Written Complaint
Section 7.2.2  Interim Actions
Section 7.2.3  Notification of Informational Meeting
Section 7.2.4 Informational Meetings
Section 7.2.5 Conduct Meetings
Section 7.2.6 Burden and Standard of Proof
Section 7.2.7  Appeals
Section 8 Sanctions
Section 9           Conduct Records, Retention Policy and Reservation of Rights