Student Conduct Code - Section 7.1 Student Conduct Participants, Officers and Boards


A complainant is the person who files a complaint or incident report providing information about alleged misconduct or violation of the Student Conduct Code. Cases initiated by a University administrator or Public Safety do not always involve a complainant.


A respondent is the student who is alleged to have engaged in misconduct or to have violated the Student Conduct Code.


A witness is someone who can provide first-hand information about the reported incident. Individuals who do not have first-hand information about the reported incident or who present information that is deemed unnecessary for the deliberation process, or serve only to present information about the involved student’s character shall not be permitted to serve as a witness.

Resolution Officers

Resolution officers are staff members who have responsibility for investigating or reviewing conduct matters or are appointed and trained to be resolution officers by the Office of Student Conduct, Rights and Responsibilities.

University Appeals Board

The University Appeals Board (UAB) is comprised of faculty and staff trained on the conduct and appeals process. The UAB conducts appellate reviews for all matters handled through the student conduct process. The appeals process is a review process initiated by a student's submission of a request for an appeal.