Student Conduct Code - Section 6. University Policies and Procedures

More information about the Acts of Intolerance policy can be found on the following webpage.

Please visit the Student Disabilities Services webpage for more information on Service and Assistance Animals

More information on USF's Smoke & Tobacco Free Policy can be found through Health Promotion Services.

Please visit Human Resources for more information on the Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination policy.

Please visit section 6.7 Missing Student Notification for more information.

For more information please visit USF's Parental Notification Policy.

For more information, please visit Section 6.9 Physical and Psychological Emergencies

Please visit the university policy on Privacy of Student Records - FERPA for more information.


Please visit the Student Disabilities Services webpage for more information.

Please visit the Title IX webpage for more information.

Information on the Technology Resources Appropriate Use policy can be found through the ITS webpage.

More information on University Letterhead and logo use can be found in Section 6.16 University Letterhead and Logo Student Use Policy.

More information on Victim Notification can be found in Section 6.17 Victim Notification.

For more information on the Demonstration policy, please visit Section 6.18 Student Free Expression: Demonstration and Fixed Exhibit Policy.

Please visit Section 6.20 Wheeled Devices for more information.