Student Conduct Code - Section 6.4 Eligibility for Participation in Student Activities

The University of San Francisco routinely provides numerous opportunities for currently registered students at the University of San Francisco to serve on University committees and boards, serve in student governance organizations, and participate in programs where they represent the University before the campus community or the larger public. In order to take advantage of these opportunities, students must be:

  1. Enrolled in at least 12-units (6-units for graduate and professional students) of credit at the University of San Francisco at the time of election or appointment and maintain this unit requirement throughout the term;
  2. In good academic standing with the University (e.g., not be on academic probation as defined in the most recent edition of the General Catalog) or, in the case of Intercollegiate Athletes, NCAA-eligible at the time of election or appointment and maintain this standing throughout the term; and
  3. In good behavioral standing with the University (e.g., not have received a sanction under the University Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure that limits, restricts, or excludes participants in designated privileges or co-curricular activities) at the time of election or appointment and maintain this standard throughout the term.

Students affected by this policy include but are not limited to the following individuals and groups:

  1. Senators and Executive Officers of the Associated Students;
  2. Officers, Chairs or Co-Chairs of the Associated Students funded accounts including editors of the undergraduate student media groups such as the Foghorn (Editor-in-Chief and other section editors), Ignatian Literary Magazine, General Manager of USFtv, General Manager of ASUSF Graphics Center; and other positions as may be defined by the Student Leadership and Engagement;
  3. Orientation Leaders;
  4. Resident Advisors in the residence halls, members of the residence hall governance organizations, and other positions defined by the Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Community Living;
  5. Employees of ASUSF and Student Leadership and Engagement;
  6. Members of University-wide committees, boards, and task forces.

Nothing in the above shall prohibit any department, division, or student organization in the University from setting higher standards.