Computer and Network Responsible Use Policy

The University of San Francisco provides computing and network resources to support the law school’s instruction, research, and service missions. Access to these networks and computer systems is granted subject to certain responsibilities and obligations, and subject to all local, state, and federal laws. All computer and network use must be legal, ethical, consistent with the law school’s mission, and in compliance with the University Technology Resources Appropriate Use Policy.

Use of computers and access to network resources in the classroom are subject to the instructor’s discretion and, when permitted, must be for class related purposes only. Access to the internet during class is prohibited unless specifically authorized by the instructor.

When using computers and University network resources on campus, students must at all times respect the privacy, rights and sensibilities of others and exercise good judgment and consider others in selecting and viewing content that is not offensive, distasteful, inflammatory, harassing or otherwise unacceptable, especially where access might be shared or available to others.

Violations of this policy may result in suspension or revocation of access to the University’s computer and network resources and/or discipline pursuant to the University’s Student Conduct Code and Disciplinary and Conduct Procedures.