Widen Resources

Welcome to Widen, the University of San Francisco’s photo portal.

This is our digital asset management (DAM) site where you can search and download images. If you are looking for photos to use for presentations, marketing materials, websites, or other needs, you can find them here.

The first step is to identify a registered Widen user in your department who can help you access the site. If your department does not have a registered user, you can request your own account.

New users should go to the Widen Webpage.

Here you can become a user by clicking “Create Account.”

Once you’re in Widen, our Spotlight Searches are the best way to find our most requested images based on specific search terms (ie, Campus Beauty, Student Life).

Search Tool on Widen DAM User Site

If you need to dive deeper with a more advanced search, here are some tips!

Advanced Search with WIDEN

Unless you are using one of curated Spotlight Searches, all of your searches will use the search bar on the top middle of your screen. Below are some search shortcuts you can use to help narrow down your search.

search type shortcut meaning
Begins with ab* starts with 'ab'
Ends with *jpg ends with 'jpg'
Phrase *blue letter* contains phrase 'blue'
Exact {jelly fish} is 'jelly fish'
Contains beads contains 'beads'
Greater than >12 greater than 12
Less than <10 less than 10
AND blue AND gold contains blue and gold
OR blue OR gold contains blue or gold
Date Ranges [01/01/2008 to 01/02/2008] date range between 01/01/2008 and 01/02/2008
Date Before [before 01/02/2008] date before 01/02/2008
Date After [after 01/01/2008] date after 01/01/2008
Date On [01/01/2008] date on 01/01/2008
Within X Days [within 10] within the next 10 days. -10 means within the past 10 days
Negation -(blue) does not contain 'blue'
ID #123 id 123
Is Empty key:isempty keywords is empty

For more help on searching, please take a look at this helpful how-to article from Widen!

Once you find the image or collection of images you would like, hit select and download. Requests will be considered by OMC to ensure there are no restrictions on that image. Within three business days you will be alerted if approved. Restricted images might not be approved.

When you work directly with OMC, part of our service to you is to curate a portal of photos that you can download in a variety of formats. Please be aware that the portal will expire within 30 days of delivery, so be sure to download your photos as soon as you can!

Need help or have any additional questions?
Please contact OMC and we would be happy to help!
Multimedia: multimedia@usfca.edu