Community Empowerment Activists

Transformative Justice Analysis:  

  1. Critically examine historical and current contexts of systems of oppression and movements of resistance, with a focus on the sociopolitical climate in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  2. Deepen your understanding of the San Francisco Bay Area landscape, history, culture, community dynamics, and experiences that have been shaped by institutions, policies, movements, resistance, power, and resources.

Community Organizing and Mobilizing Strategies:

  1. Develop, practice, and apply skills in base-building, mobilizing, grassroots organizing, and advocacy building alongside community leaders and neighbors with critical thought, reflection, and care.
  2. Identify, understand, and advocate community-led priorities and initiatives through activities and campaigns led by your community partner (host organization).
  3. Participate in your community partner’s (host organization). campaigns/programs to identify underlying strategies, processes, and theories to disrupt the status quo and fight for positive social change.

Scholarly Activist-Based Research and Arts as Resistance:

  1. Employ scholarly-activist research rooted in critical resistance pedagogy using a transformative justice framework in the materials we will explore, discussions we will have, and reflections you will create.
  2. Create arts as resistance pieces (e.g., poetry, collage, film, podcast, drawing, song, dance) in our post-class reflections and year-end projects to ignite collective consciousness into action for positive social change.
  3. Grow communication skills that center people-led initiatives and apply them across various platforms, contexts, and situations in your lifelong practice and field.