Community Empowerment Activists

Social Issue Analysis  

  • Examine San Francisco issues, policies, and local developments impacting historically and currently marginalized groups (including people of color, women, LGBTQ, religious minorities, and low-income residents of SF) through an intersectional framework
  • Understand how the San Francisco Bay Area landscape, community dynamics, and individual experiences are shaped by institutions, policies, movements, and distribution of resources

Community Organizing and Mobilizing Strategies

  • Develop and practice organizing and base-building skills with attention to ethical and inclusive practices and accountability to community stakeholders and their demands
  • Identify and advocate for community-driven priorities and goals through activities and campaigns led by host organization
  • Participate in organizing and mobilizing campaigns to identify underlying strategies, processes, and theories of change to advance social justice efforts in solidarity with marginalized communities

Research and Scholar-Advocacy skills

  • Understand the role of research and activist-orientated scholarship in support of advocacy, organizing, and community change
  • Develop persuasive communication techniques and apply them across platforms, contexts, and situations

Personal and Civic Development

  • Build and expand commitments to allyship and solidarity with diverse San Francisco communities, residents, and advocacy agencies
  • Understand the role of each individual’s commitment to broader movement to collective address policy and community challenges and goals
  • Model self and community care strategies to develop cultural humility, trust, and long term reciprocal community relationships in movement work