USF Mobile One Card: Android Users

If you own an Android Mobile Device, you can use the GET Mobile App to access buildings on campus. This application will allow you to track spending, load Don Dollars, open doors on campus, and more. If you believe you will need to pay for items or printing on campus, please contact our Office to receive a Physical One Card. Simply follow the outlined steps below to set up the GET Mobile App on your device:

GET Mobile

Mobile Access to Campus

  1. Visit the Google Play Store by searching and downloading the CBORD GET Mobile App.
  2. Once you have downloaded the app, log-in using your myUSF credentials after selecting University of San Francisco from the menu.
  3. You can use the app to access readers on campus by selecting “Mobile Access” under your One Card Photo.

Using the GET App will allow you to easily view your balances and transactions, access the campus via your phone, and update your card whether it is lost or found, improving on quick and easy security features.

Having your physical One Card in hand will allow you to make purchases on campus, at printers, or accessing the campus if this method is preferred.

ordering meals on campus 

The GET App allows you to order meals from Bon Appetit. For detailed instructions on this process, please visit the ITS guide How Do I: Use the GET Mobile App for Online Food Orders?