Replace a USF One Card

If you lose or misplace your USF One Card, deactivate it immediately by visiting our Lost Card Reporting page and selecting "Report Card Lost."* You may be responsible for transactions made with your card while it is lost. Reporting it as missing will minimize both the potential for fraudulent use, as well as your liability.

Once a USF One Card is replaced, it cannot be reactivated. If you deactivate (but have not yet replaced) a lost USF One Card and then find it, simply visit our Lost Card Reporting page and select "Report Found Card" to have it reactivated. There is no cost to have a current card reactivated.

*If you are unable to deactivate your card via our Lost Card Reporting Page, simply phone the One Card Office at (415) 422-7663 and someone will deactivate your card on your behalf. However, for security purposes, we are unable to reactivate cards over the phone. If you also are unable to reactivate your card via our Lost Card Reporting Portal, please visit us in Lone Mountain 130 and someone will reactivate it for you.

It costs $15 to replace a USF One Card, regardless of whether the original was lost, stolen, or misplaced. If you lose your current card but find an older one, it cannot be reactivated for use. However, you can exchange the older card for new one at a cost of $5 instead of the standard $15.

Damaged USF One Cards due to normal wear-and-tear can be replaced at no charge, provided that the damaged card is exchanged at the time of replacement. If you hole-punch your card, wash it in the laundry, commingle it with other items, etc., you will be charged the standard replacement fee. As a reminder, USF One Cards should be kept protected and separate from keys and other cards. Visit our merchandise page to view our protective ID holders.

If you study/work at a branch campus and are unable to visit the One Card Office, your USF One Card may be replaced by mailing a check, made out to USF and in the amount of $15, to Lone Mountain 130. Once payment has been received, your replacement card will be printed and sent to your campus for you to pick up.

Access, entitlements, and debit accounts are not on your USF One Card itself. Rather, they are retrieved when you swipe your USF One Card. Should you need to replace your USF One Card, your access, entitlements, and funds automatically will transfer to the replacement card.