The Course

Developed by the ICARE committee which includes faculty, staff, and an ASUSF representative, and Education Technology | Online Courses and Training | EVERFI ICARE (Identity, Consciousness, Awareness, and Responsibility Education) is a comprehensive program designed to help students build capacity to understand unconscious bias and appreciate our diverse community.

Undergraduate 2-part course

This first part of the course will be assigned online.  

Section I: Diversity at USF

Section II: Dynamics of oppression

Section III: How did we get here?  How we learn about bias and the socialization process.

Section IV: Microaggressions  

Section V: But I didn’t mean it!

Section VI: Now what?  What can I do about Microaggressions?

Section VII: The road ahead  

Complete the Course Now

This will be followed up by a Part II during Orientation Weekend.  

Additional Campuses course

This course will be assigned to new undergraduate students at USF's additional locations, visiting, online, and special program students.  Students from additional campuses are not required to complete the second in-person portion during Orientation Weekend.

Complete the Course Now

All students who fail to complete part I of the course by August 15, 2019 will be charged a $100 late fine.