Jesuit Foundation Grant Tips

Important Tips for Jesuit Foundation Grant Applications

  • Please allow your supervisor and/or dean at least 7 working days to prepare required letters of support;
  • All supporting documents MUST be included with the application for it to be considered. It is the applicants responsibility to ensure the required supporting documents are included with the application at the time of submission to the Office of the Provost. Applications that do not have all supporting documents will not be considered and will be returned to the applicant;
  • Applicants are encouraged to consult with any member of the Jesuit Foundation Advisory Board before submitting a proposal; 
  • For applicants requiring assistance in completing the grant application, please contact Linda Wong, Assistant Director, at ext. 6919 or
  • Use the budget template provided in the application (which can be updated electronically), as well as providing detailed budget statements or sheets where necessary (Bon Appetit estimate; Travelocity estimate);
  • The Jesuit Foundation Grant does not fund multiple phases of a project. If an application is requesting seed money for a project, please indicate how a project may be funded in successive years;
  • Please note the following important change to eligibility: Individuals who have received previous grant funding must have successfully completed that funded project and submitted a summary report and an itemized expense report with copies of receipts in order to be eligible for future grants. Summary reports are due to the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (email to See the "Final Notes" section on the Jesuit Foundation Criteria.

* Please DO NOT attach supplemental descriptions of the project or additional letters of support other than the letter(s) required. Any additional material or anything exceeding the 5 page limit will not be considered.