What is a Purchase Requisition?

A Purchase Requisition is a request for the purchase of goods and / or services using university funds. It does not financially obligate the University until Purchasing & Ancillary Services (PAAS) issues a Purchase Order (PO).  Departments may suggest a source of supply by including the vendor's complete name, address, and contact information.  However, PAAS has the final authority on vendor selection.  

pReq - Is a fillable PDF form, therefore request and approval process is paperless.

pReq Instructions

Prior to filling out the pReq, download the pReq PDF and save it to your Desktop.  
Important Note: If you fill it out as a web-based form, the inputted information may not save.

  • Fill out required fields on the pReq with complete descriptions.

Definition of fields:

  1. FOAP: an acronym for Fund, Organization, Account, Program, Activity and Location, is the account code structure in Banner, the University's Administrative System suite. More information »
  2. QTY: Number of commodity being ordered.
  3. UOM: Unit of Measure. Examples include: box, each, reams, gallons, or service.
  4. Catalog #: Any available catalog number, this would be provided by the vendor and is for the purpose of facilitating exact orders. SKU number.
  • Suggested Vendor - Departments may suggest a source of supply on the pReq, however PAAS has the final authority on vendor selection. Note: If the Vendor is not an active USF Vendor, the Vendor must complete the vendor registration process. Please work with a PAAS agent on vendor onboarding.
  • Type in the name(s) and the email address(es) of the approver(s) in the signature portion of the pReq.
  • Save the completed pREQ and send it to along with all pertinent attachments such as quotes, orders forms, and spec sheets.
  • PAAS will obtain budget approvals via Docusign. See Approvals/Signatures section below.

For detailed instructions, see the PDF.

Approvals / Signatures

Type in the name(s) and the email address(es) of the approver(s) in the signature portion of the pReq.  PAAS will then send the pReq through Docusign.  

Approvers are individuals with signing authority such as a Business Manager and for purchases over $5K, a Divisional Provost/Vice President.  If additional approvers are required, please use the “Additional Approver” row and/or use the box labeled “Special Instructions from Department”.  

Approvers will receive a pending pReq to review and approve/deny via email from Docusign.

  • NOTE: Google Mail users receive the notifications under the “Update” tab.

  • For step-by-step instructions on how to approve or reject a pReq via Docusign please see our instructions here.

  • Place this note in FAQ:  

If a pReq requires an amount or percentage split between multiple FOAP(AL)s, include the FOAP(AL)s and the dollar amount or percentage for each FOAP(AL) in the “Special Instructions” section. 

pReq Reference Number

Each submitted pReq will be assigned a pReq number (PZ#####).  This will be found on the top right of the pReq and serves as a key reference number.  For SSB users, you will be able to search all Banner and Xtender documents associated with the order using this number.