Renew Your Organization

Why do we have to do a renewal process?

Recognition for student organizations is granted on a yearly basis. Completing the process ensures a smooth transition for your organization into the new academic year without a lapse in available support or resources. 

What do we have to do?

Please complete the following items by April 8, 2024:

  • Review and update your organization’s constitution, ensuring it aligns with the provided template
  • Identify the organization’s executives for the fall 2024 semester
    • You’ll need the information of the fall 2024 executives in order to complete the renewal form, including names, positions/titles, and email addresses
  • Create an executive board contact list, ensuring it aligns with this template
    • This list should include all executive board members of the organization to ensure that they each have access to Canvas and receive important information from SLE
    • Executive Board Contact List Template
  • Submit the Student Organization Renewal Form
    • You’ll need to complete and submit the form in one sitting, as it is not possible to save your progress. This form will also require that you upload the organization’s constitution. Please make sure the document you submit matches the template provided.
    • Undergraduate Student Organization Renewal Form (will open March 18, 2024)
    • Graduate Student Organization Renewal Form (will open March 18, 2024)

What happens next?

After you submit the renewal form (which includes the organization’s constitution and executive board contact list), Student Leadership and Engagement will review everything and follow up with you regarding any additional information needed or questions we have.

By April 29, you will receive an email from us stating what your organization's next steps are. If you have any questions, or would like any assistance with the process, please contact us via email at


Student Organization renewal for registered organizations in the 2023-24 academic year is now closed.