Current Work of the Committee

REPS Advisory BoardFall 2022 

  • Eight REPS meetings: September 8th, October 13th, November 10th, December 8th, January 12th, February 9th, March 23rd, and April 13th.

  • We welcome new REPS advisory board members Aika Kitilya, Dan Perez-Sornia, Molly Eby, Stephanie Cooper, Mara Krasts, Chanda Briggs, Sonia-Melitta Montoya, Marisa McCarthy, Mario Gonzalez, Claire Green, Tabia Ye, Ashley Morello, Andrea Rocha, Shanie Chambers, Dmitry Gorozhankin, Angela Dinh, Ariana Cappogrosso, Marta Arcones Franco, Jessica Ornelas, Justin George, Jordyn Jones and Gillian Rude.


  • First REPS Advisory Board of the year

    • Discussed our vulnerabilities in the space to center survivors as we embark on REPS work. Framewor from: 

      • Bedera, N. (2021). Beyond Trigger Warnings: A Survivor-Centered Approach to Teaching on Sexual Violence and Avoiding Institutional Betrayal. Teaching Sociology, 49(3), 267–277.
    • Goals for the year:

      • Resources 
      • Collaboration
      • Education
      • Communication
      • Engagement

First REPS Student Summit: 

  • Focusing on student engagement, and what folks would like to see this upcoming year
  • Brainstorming for October Relationship Violence Awareness Month
  • Check-in on well-being of the student population 
  • Student perspectives on potential bystander intervention video 

Spring 2022


  • Provost Chinyere attended the REPS committee meeting to discuss how the provost team can help uplift the work of REPS in order to make USF a leader as an institution where we work to support survivors and in the long term end violence


  • ASUSF Senate Title IX REPS Representatives present to the REPS committee about Take Back The Night
  • Committee members discussed and planned logistics and potential co-sponsorships for Sexual Assault Awareness Month activities in April


  • Introduced four themes for Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April: 
    • Solidarity
    • Safety
    • Storytelling
    • Movement
  • Introduced expectations for Sexual Assault Awareness Month co-sponsors:
    • Marketing of REPS materials across social media platforms
    • Attendance of at least 2 events
    • Build a Dignity Kit through the Garment Project
  • Committee members reviewed and provided feedback on Sexual Assault Awareness Month marketing materials created by Title IX REPS Graphics Intern


  • Executed activities as part of a month-long Sexual Assault Awareness Month campaign, including:
    • Writing on Trauma Workshop
    • Take Back The Night Silent Disco
    • Empowerment Self Defense
    • Denim Day Art Installation
    • Speak Out

Fall 2021

  • Eight Academic Year Meetings on second Thursday of each month commenced on September 9th
  • Introduced new committee members for 2021-2022 Academic Year including Mauricio De Leon, Mario Gonzalez, Aniah Francis, Lucy Villalta, and Michael Cosgrove
  • Reviewed Orientation, Student Leadership, and Student-Athlete trainings with informal feedback and plan for assessment with APEX intern Lucy Villalta, and Sociology Capstone from Kat Badham. Read more about their assessment projects.
  • Discussed next steps for subcommittee work with project plans and timeline due at our October meeting


  • The Deputy Title IX Coordinator provided Orientation and Workshop updates

  • REPS had a table at involvement fair and gained over 50+ interested participants


  • The committee processed and discussed the Sports Illustrated Article and tangible steps to move forward
  • Committee members reviewed and gave feedback on a Support & Resources poster, which has now been printed 50+ times and distributed all over campus buildings and residence halls
  • REPS, Bay-Area One Love, La Casa de Las Madres, and Woman Inc,. tabled at Gleeson Plaza for Relationship Violence Awareness Month
  • Deputy Title IX Coordinator held a Student-Athlete Athletic Council (SAAC) meeting 
  • Deputy Title IX Coordinator and the Title IX Coordinator, along with several REPS students, attended and engaged in the ASUSF Town Hall to provide Title IX updates and discuss USF’s climate


  • President Fr. Paul Fitzgerald attended the REPS meeting to discuss the committee’s goals and how they fit into the university structure

  • Fr. Paul and committee members noted the need to utilize existing resources, continue collaborative efforts across campus partners, and increase REPS visibility

  • The Deputy Title IX Coordinator along with several REPS students met with a member of the It’s On Us student organization and discussed tangible solutions and ideas to improve the culture at USF


  • The Deputy Title IX Coordinator gave end of semester statistics and progress updates which included the following:

    • 57 Workshops for students, faculty, and staff

    • 3308 students, faculty, and staff trained in total

    • 457 student leaders trained

    • Entire first-year class

    • 54 student athletes in 15 workshops

    • 600 Workshops

    • 80 interested students in REPS

  • The committee also provided feedback on a sticker to be distributed to USF students and miscellaneous ideas for student engagement

  • The Communication Subcommittee is starting a ‘Questions with Title IX’ Initiative with FAQs to be posted on social media

  • The committee also discussed a students-only session for the Spring semester, and the committee’s role 

Summer 2021


  • Research and preparation from Myra Cruz, ASUSF Senator and Deputy Title IX Coordinator about Pillars of our sexual violence prevention and education were presented and discussed as a committee
  • In advance of orientation the committee reviewed the scenarios for Sophomore Welcome Week and New Student Orientation that the GO Team and Resident Advisors lead for the students and discussed potential interventions 
  • Subcommittees began to create a concrete plan for the Fall 2021 projects


  • The committee focused on finalizing and solidifying our main goals for our sexual violence prevention and education at USF. The committee finalized five main goals:
    • Education
    • Engagement
    • Communication
    • Collaboration
    • Resources
  • Committee members submitted preferences for their subcommittees focused on identifying a specific semester or year long project to begin to work towards their goals
  • Subcommittee groups membership was established and subcommittee work began with brainstorming projects for the semester 
  • While the goals are large efforts to work towards, subcommittees are focused on making incremental progress towards the goal through programming, campaigns, social media, posters, workshops and trainings or other mediums
  • The committee ratified the new rebranding of SVPEC and prevention and education efforts to introduce USF REPS - Resources, Education, Prevention, and Support


  • The committee met over Zoom twice - focused on getting to one another, and being oriented to the main task of the committee: ending sexual violence on campus 
  • Deputy Title IX Coordinator secured two at-large positions in the ASUSF Senate focused on Title IX, both Senators would assist the Committee Chair and ongoing work of the committee
  • A brief history of the committee was shared, with a folder of files from the Title IX Taskforce from 2014-2019 which detailed events and programming details 
  • The committee began our work focused on 3 main questions:
    • What brings you to this work and this committee?
    • What does a USF campus without sexual violence look and feel like?
    • What goals get us closer to that ideal community?
  • Finally, the group began to brainstorm the goals for our strategic vision for sexual violence prevention and education at USF