Physical Wellness

Physical wellness consists of recognizing the need for physical activity, healthy foods, and sleep, as well as preventing illness and injury or managing chronic health conditions. 

Physical Wellness Resources:

  • The Orange County Campus encourages physical movement during student engagement events by providing lawn games in their outdoor spaces. For more information, contact Maureen Lu at
  • The Sacramento Campus has a small gym available for students. For more information, contact Javier Gutierrez at
  • SDS supports the physical access to buildings on campus. SDS advocates for push buttons on doors, accessible routes, accessible dorm life, etc.
  • Club Sports are registered through the Recreational Sports department, but students interested in exploring the formation of a new sport interest group can get started with SLE.
  • Gardening is an active sport! Many students remark how refreshed they feel being outside in the garden and moving their body.