MITx MicroMasters® Program Pathway to USF

The USF Economics department is pleased to join the network of global universities in The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s MITx MicroMasters® Program and provide a pathway to a master's degree for students from MIT’s Data, Economics, and Development Policy (DEDP), Statistics and Data Science (SDS) and Finance MicroMasters programs.

The Great Dome of MIT at night

From MIT:

Grapple with some of the world’s most pressing problems from a rigorous, data-driven perspective.

From probability and statistics to data analysis and machine learning, master the skills needed to solve complex challenges with data.

  • Finance MicroMaster (Pathway to Applied Economics MS only)


Empowering developing countries to break from the cycles of poverty

Training the next generation of economists in the heart of the digital economy


Main benefits of the MITx pathway to USF:

  • Complete your Economics Master's degree more quickly.
  • Save almost 25% on your total tuition cost.
  • Complete some or all of the MicroMasters curriculum and receive 2 credits per completed MicroMasters course, up to 8 credits. Exception*: For the Statistics & Data Science MicroMaster, because only the capstone exam is proctored, students will only receive credits if they have completed the entire MicroMasters and the capstone exam.
  • Start your Master's degree earlier (e.g. Spring instead of Fall, for students who complete the full MicroMaster before the start of the Spring semester).

Main facts of the MITx Pathway to USF:

  • USF offers the credential holders of the MITx DEDP or SDS MicroMasters the possibility of earning up to 8 credits towards the completion of the MS International and Development Economics or MS Applied Economics Programs (36 units total).
  • Credits are offered for MicroMasters program courses passed through MIT’s proctored exams. Completion of a full MicroMasters program is not necessary to receive credit (SDS MicroMaster exception*).
  • Any courses must be completed before arrival at USF, for an overall grade of 70 or higher.
  • Students on F-1 visa status or receiving USF scholarship must take at least 6 units per semester for both fall and spring semesters, with the exception of the final semester.


Please contact our Department ( for the IDEC program and for the Applied Econ program) if you have any questions on the MITx MicroMasters® Program Pathway to USF.