Departmental Research Seminar

The Economic Seminar Series is made possible by a generous donation from Dr. Jacques Artus.

Attending the Fall and Spring Economic Seminar Series is a way to see what industry professionals and leaders are currently working on, and a great way to network with fellow students and industry professionals.

All seminars run from 3:00-4:30. Refreshments will be served.

Please note that seminar locations are subject to change. To confirm the location or if you would like to be included on the seminar mailing list, please contact the Department's Program Assistant, Michelle Santana.


Date Speaker Home institution Topic location


Andrew Hobbs UC Davis Household Decision Making Under Risk: Evidence from Samburu, Kenya MC 251
2/7 Mike Lehmann University of San Francisco Wealth, Debt, and Economic Power MC 251
2/14 Felipe Valencia University of British Columbia Trust Unraveled: The Long Shadow of the Spanish Civil War MC 251
2/21 Monica Capra Claremont Graduate University Volunteer Now or Later: The Effects of Effort Time Allocation on Donations MC 251
2/28 Douglas Almond Columbia University Perinatal Health Among 1 Million Chinese-Americans MC 251
3/7 Elaine Denny UC Merced Losing It About Losing It All: Income Insecurity and Implications for Political Action MC 251
3/21 Andrew Chang Federal Reserve System Nothing is Certain Except for Death or Taxes: The Lack of Policy Uncertainty from Expiring "Temporary" Taxes MC 251
3/27 Sarah Walker UNSW Sydney Assessing the Direct and Spillover Effects of Hosting Refugees: Evidence from Kenya CO 312
3/28 Kweku Opoku-Agyemang Center for Effective Global Action, UC, Berkeley  Evaluating the Credibility Revolution in African Development  HR 136
4/4 Amelia Gibbons University of Wisconsin-Madison Pornography and Rapes: Evidence from Major YouTube Outage MC 251
4/11 Jordan Adamson Clemson University

Agglomeration and the Extent of the Market: An Experimental Investigation into Spatially Coordinated Exchange

MC 251
4/15 Jeffrey Sachs Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University Social Justice and Global Economic Development MC 252
4/17 Thomas Dreesen & Justin Grider

UNICEF & Facebook 

Impact of the Human Education Accelerator (HEA) Program at UNICEF and Mixed-Method Research at Facebook  Cowell Hall Room 312 
4/18 Mike Lehmann & Charles N'Cho-Oguie University of San Francisco Wealth, Debt, and Economic Power [Continued] MC 252