Departmental Research Seminar

Attending the Fall and Spring Economic Seminar Series is a way to see what industry professionals and leaders are currently working on, and a great way to network with fellow students and industry professionals.

All seminars run from 3:00-4:30. Fall meetings will be held on Zoom.  If you are interested in attending please contact Economic Program Assistant, Michelle Santana for the link.

Please note that seminar locations are subject to change. To confirm the location/Zoom link or if you would like to be included on the seminar mailing list, please contact the Department's Program Assistant, Michelle Santana.

***IF YOU ARE HAVING CHALLENGES ADDING THE EVENT TO YOUR CALENDAR: You may want to try either: Logging out of other Google accounts or using a different browser or copy/pasting the link into a new incognito window, and logging in with the correct account.

2/1/2024 Nick Gebbia UC Berkeley Misperception and Income Response to Means-Tested Programs:
Evidence from the College Financial Aid Implicit Tax
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2/8/2024 Francesco Gabriele PhD Candidate from USC Personalized or Uniform Pricing? E-commerce Behavior-based Price Discrimination MCL 250 Add to Calendar
2/22/2024 Suparna Chakraborty USF

A Mathematical Model of Sentiment Signaling for Music-Induced Analgesia through Future Discount Rate Manipulation

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2/29/2024 Ellen M Bruno UC Berkeley Anticipatory Effects of Regulation in Open Access MCL 250 Add to Calendar
3/7/2024 Matthew Holian SJSU

Ethnicity and Language Effects of the Russian-Ukrainian War: Evidence from the American Community Survey

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3/21/2024 Diana Moreira UC Davis


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3/28/2024 Wayne Sandholtz UC Berkeley TBA MCL 250 Add to Calendar
4/4/2024 Sarah H. Bana Assistant professor of management science at Chapman University TBA MCL 250 Add to Calendar
4/11/2024 Youngwoo Song UCSC TBA

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4/18/2024 Ariel Ortiz-Bobea Cornell University TBA CO 212 Add to Calendar
4/25/2024 Gwyneth Miner UC Berkeley TBA MCL 250 Add to Calendar