Programs Information

BS and BA Economics

Opportunity is everywhere when your economics program stands in the center of the financial capital of the west. Here, hands-on experience is an essential part of the curriculum. Our curriculum views economics through a social justice lens. Through internships and seminars, students develop the skills to tackle real-world problems, from poverty to gender inequality to environmental pollution. Students graduate prepared to use their economics training to make a positive impact in underserved and underdeveloped communities throughout the world.


MS Applied Economics (Economics of Digitization/Tech Economics)

Master of Science in Applied Economics for students interested in economics training with practical skills in data analytics.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, the development of advanced technologies is altering the way people live and work. Digital markets are fundamentally changing interactions between consumers, businesses, organizations and governments throughout the world. As a next-generation economist with an MS in Applied Economics, you will have the skills to take a leadership role in this dynamic environment.


MS International and Development Economics

Master of Science in International and Development Economics for students interested in an globally-oriented career working in developing countries or in international institutions.

The rapid pace of globalization has increased the demand for professionals with training in international economics and economic development. Our one of a kind Master of Science in International and Development Economics (IDEC) provides students with the knowledge and skills to understand how market forces can be harnessed to empower developing countries to break from cycles of poverty.