Find Yourself

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The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away.

Joy J. Golliver

College is a space for empowering yourself as an independent adult.

  • Asking yourself "who am I?" and "what motivates me?"
  • Wondering "what are my interests?"
  • Figuring out " what is most important to me?"
  • Questioning "what do I have to offer the world?"

Take action!

Examine your interests, personality, skills, and values so you can connects them with career and major options.

  1. Go to the Career Services Testing and Assessment webpage, follow instructions to create your Focus 2 Assessment personal profile. Use whichever username and email you want - the access code is Dons. View this Focus tutorial video (or transcript) for step-by-step guidance on how to access the Focus and get the most out of it.
  2. Complete the five assessments in the Self Assessment section to clarify your interests, personality, values, and skills. If you feel inspired, you can complete the My Career Planning Readiness and My Academic Strengths and the Am I Career Ready sections as well - those aren't as crucial though.
  3. Explore your individualized profile and suggestions for each section. Consider selecting the Combine Assessments option.
  4. Print off your personal portfolio and make an appointment to discuss what the results mean with your CASA academic success coach or a Career Services counselor. If you are making an appointment with Career Services through their Handshake system, select the appointment type, "Assessment - Discuss Options CSC Undergraduate."
  5. Check out these additional self-reflection guides if you wish to explore further.

Be inspired!

Check out this video with Janelle Nunez sharing how "really analyzing what makes me happy? and who am I?" helped her decide to major in History while pursuing a Pre-Med path.  For more stories like hers, we encourage you to check out our Youtube Channel or visit the Explore Their Path blog to learn about faculty, staff, students, and alumni in majors and minors that you are considering!

Video and interview by Karen Ver Trinidad and Alexander Flores. Music by