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Our students and alumni are the heart of our work as a Department. Please do not hesitate to be in touch with any concerns, issues, or questions you may have for us to best support you in your academic journey.

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While the programs address the realities of urban schooling in the United States, we maintain a global focus by carefully examining the impact of globalization and immigration on education and human rights worldwide.

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Office Hours for the International & Multicultural Education Department

SPRING Semester 2024

Faculty (Full-Time) Time
Emma Fuentes (Chair)

Fridays: 4-5p or by appointment (virtual)


Monisha Bajaj

Wednesdays: 4-6p (virtual)


Rosa Jimenez

Tuesdays: 4-6p (virtual)


Melissa Canlas

Tuesdays 3-4p (virtual)

Wednesdays 2-3p (virtual)


Sedique Popal

Virtual & in person:

 Wed: 2:30-3:30p (in person/virtual)

Fridays: 3-5p (virtual)

Saturdays: 5:30-7p (in person)

By appointment: Any weekday (virtual)


David Donahue

By appointment every week


Staff Time
Gabriela Martinez 
Program Assistant
IME Office

By appointment


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Department of International and Multicultural Education