Additional Scholarships for Doctoral Programs

The following scholarships are available to USF doctoral program students. Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the scholarship description. Please note, scholarships are program-specific and indicated below.

Catholic Educational Leadership Scholarship:

McGrath Institute for Jesuit Catholic Education

Up to six units per year of scholarship is provided to students enrolled in the Catholic Educational MA & EdD programs and the Catholic Educational Leadership Advanced Studies Certificate and the Transformative School Leadership program with MA or EDD in Catholic Educational Leadership. For questions about funding, please contact

Apply for the McGrath CEL Scholarship

International & Multicultural Education EdD Scholarship:

International and Multicultural Education Scholarship

The International and Multicultural Education Department awards scholarship equivalent to between 3 - 6 units of tuition for an EdD student in the International and Multicultural Education or Human Rights Education. Continuing and newly admitted students are eligible for these funds. For questions, contact the chair of the International and Multicultural Education Department.