Additional Scholarships for Credential Programs

The following scholarships are available to USF credential program students. Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the scholarship description. Please note, scholarships are program-specific and indicated below.

School Counseling Program Scholarships

School Counseling students are eligible for the following scholarship opportunities: 


School counselors have great potential to be transformative change agents who collectivize with urban schools and communities to harness students’ cultural strengths. This scholarship is awarded to School Counseling graduate students who demonstrate outstanding dedication and vision for equitable conditions in urban schools. The award is given in the form of an hourly wage for completed fieldwork. 


Student must demonstrate

  • previous and current experience in community service and engagement
  • commitment to developing partnerships with under-resourced youth in school contexts
  • plans to conduct fieldwork in a diverse public school in high-need community
  • open to continuing students only; newly admitted students are not eligible to apply

Application Process:

Submit online application (application will be available soon)


Fall – Aug. 1; Intersession – Dec. 1; Spring – Dec. 1

Priority Areas:

Bilingual and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) issues and concerns are the social justice priority areas for this funding cycle:

Bilingual Priority Area:

There are at least 112 languages spoken in the San Francisco Bay Area. We believe that the bilingual/multilingual school counselors possess important cultural assets (such as languages spoken) that have the potential to support students, their families, and a successful school environment.

LGBT Priority Area:

The purpose of this area is to encourage and advance LGBT scholarship within the field of school counseling. This award will be given to a School Counseling graduate student with a demonstrated commitment to LGBT issues within school-based settings.

Two second-year students will be selected to serve as School Counseling Class Representatives under the Graduate Assistantship funding. The award is given in the form of an hourly wage during the fall semester of their second year at USF. Students will be selected based on the following criteria:


Class Representatives must demonstrative the following:

  • outstanding dedication to the School Counseling Program
  • effective leadership qualities
  • creative program development skills
  • strong commitment to social justice
  • open to continuing students only; newly admitted students are not eligible to apply.

Class representatives are responsible for working with the program coordinator to ensure program needs are met. Duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • meeting in-person with the program coordinator between one (1) and four (4) hours per week, depending on assignment
  • tasks related to establishing social justice initiatives
  • organizing student community-building events
  • assisting with first year orientation professional development events
  • attending program events for faculty and students
  • collecting alumni data information
  • maintaining social media accounts and SCP board

Application Process:

Student must submit a SOE Graduate Assistantship Application. Please be certain to copy and paste your résumé, as well as a project description consisting of two (2) single-spaced paragraphs clearly outlining ideas for the following academic year:

  • one social justice initiative meant to make an impact in schools and/or communities
  • a year-long plan to maintain a sense of community among SCP students

Application Deadlines:

Application, résumé and essay must be received by the following dates to be considered for the corresponding semester:
Intersession and Spring: November 30
Summer: March 30
Fall: April 30

Research Assistant to conduct research on topics related to academic development, immigration, racism, poverty, coping, identity, and mental health among Asian American and Pacific Islander youth and their families. The award is given in the form of tuition remission of 3 credits during the fall semester of their second year at USF.Open to continuing students only; newly admitted students are not eligible to apply.

Responsibilities include literature searches and summaries, survey development, coding, data collection, and data entry. Experience in SPSS 19.0 and in conducting literature searches is required. Verbal and written fluency in an Asian or Pacific Islander language is desired but not required. Research scholars receive an hourly wage for four hours/week of work during the academic year.

Applicants should submit their résumé and 1-2 paragraphs describing their research interests and previous experience to Dr. Christine Yeh.

An hourly wage is offered to a graduate research assistant in the School Counseling Program for the fall semester. Areas of research include themes related to social justice orientation development in youths, the development of critical consciousness of systems of oppression, and transformational resistance. Other themes of research may include school cultural climate, bilingualism, and other cultural factors associated with the educational achievement in Latina/o students.

Research activities/schedule is four hours/week during the academic year. Research experience and activities may include, but are not limited to, literature searches, summarizing articles, organization of research information, writing, transcribing and coding qualitative data, quantitative data entry and analysis using statistical packages such as SPSS. Open to continuing students only; newly admitted students are not eligible to apply.

Applicants should submit their résumé and a two-paragraph essay describing their research interests and/or experience. Applications are due by the end of the spring semester and should be submitted to Dr. Pérez-Gualdrón.

Teaching Credential Programs

Teaching credential program students are eligible for the following opportunities*

*Most opportunities are open to both teacher education department students (multiple or single subject credential candidate) and special education program students, but some opportunities are only applicable to one program. See criteria section for details.

The USF School of Education offers a 40% reduced tuition rate in order to increase the number and diversity of credentialed teachers in Catholic schools. 

Eligibility Criteria: 

This tuition rate, referred to as the CST rate, is available for candidates who are in a teaching credential program or in a Reading Certificate program, and providing a needed service to Catholic schools. To qualify for the CST tuition rate, candidates must submit a Recommendation Form from a supervising teacher/staff and/or the principal/head of a Catholic school that documents how the service provided to that school supports the educational success of underserved groups of students. All forms, regardless of recommender, must be signed by the principal/head of Catholic school. 

This reduced rate is available for students who are providing needed service in one of two ways, namely, as: A paid teacher, teacher aide, staff, or coach in a Catholic school. Candidates who are regularly employed at a Catholic school are eligible for the CST tuition rate each semester of concurrent enrollment in teacher training and employment in a Catholic school.

A volunteer making a substantial commitment of time working in a needed role within a Catholic school. To be eligible for the CST tuition rate, it is expected that the volunteer commitment be at least 3 hours a week of on-site, school-related work at a Catholic school during each semester of tuition reduction. Candidates must have the volunteer opportunity secured before the first semester begins and are required to begin the volunteer position before Census Date of the semester. This allows candidates to have the opportunity to begin volunteering when they begin the program. Candidates who elect to do their student teaching requirement in a Catholic School will be eligible for the CST Reduced Tuition Rate during the semester of their student teaching placement.

Application Process:

Candidates applying for the CST tuition rate must complete the CST Rate Recommendation Form and upload it to the CST Rate online applicationThe forms should be sent in advance of candidates starting the program and no later than September 1 for fall, February 1 for spring, and June 1 for summer sessions.

Please note that for candidates who are determining their loan packages with the USF Financial Aid office we advise you to submit the CST Rate Recommendation Form several weeks in advance of the tuition deadline.

The form includes:

  • a statement of the intended work or service the candidate will be doing that is responsive to needs in the school
  • the time commitment of work or service that meets minimal expectations (at least 3 hours a week of on-site, school-related work throughout the semester)
  • expected impact work or service will have on the educational success of underserved groups of students (i.e. student demographics such as racial/ethnic breakdown, free or reduced lunch, etc.
  • rationale for recommending the specific candidate.


CST forms are due every semester by uploading to the CST rate online application which is available two months before the following deadlines.

  • Intersession: January 17
  • Spring: February 1
  • Summer: June 1 
  • Fall: September 1

Renewal Process: 

Students who have previously received the CST rate and wish to continue qualifying for the CST tuition rate in succeeding semesters, must submit a CST Renewal Form and upload it to the CST Rate online application. The renewal form must verify the work or service and time commitment completed in the previous semester; the impact the candidate’s work or service has had on the educational success of underserved groups of students; and a description of the work or service to be done, as well as time commitment (at least 3 hours a week of on-site, school-related work) for the upcoming semester. The renewal forms should be sent no later than September 1st for fall, February 1st for spring, and June 1st for summer sessions. Bills for the upcoming semester will show the CST discounted tuition rate. If, by the deadlines posted above, candidates have not submitted a CST Renewal Form, they will be billed at the full tuition rate.

Student Teaching:

Candidates who elect to do their student teaching requirement in a Catholic School will be eligible for the CST Reduced Tuition Rate during the semester of their student teaching placement. To obtain the tuition rate, candidates and Catholic school principal/heads must complete the  CST Rate Recommendation Form by the deadline posted above.

For each semester, all completed signed forms for the Catholic Educator Reduced Tuition Rate should be submitted to the CST Rate online application in order to stay eligible for the CST rate.

Please direct any questions regarding the process to:
Quyen Tran, Program Manager for Academic Affairs.

The Golden State Teacher Grant program (GSTG) is for students who are currently enrolled in a teacher preparation program to earn a preliminary credential in a high need field and commit to teach at a priority school, in California for four years, within five years after completing a teacher preparation program.

PLEASE NOTE: To apply for the program, please go to

The Marin Diverse Educator Scholarship supports USF School of Education prospective or current students enrolled in programs at the Hilltop Campus or branch campuses in one of the following Master’s programs:

Teaching, Urban Education & Social Justice, Teaching Reading, TESOL, or Special Education. Credential candidates are welcome to apply.


  • Preference toward Marin Freedom School Teachers and teachers with a background in Math or Science
  • Are currently, or have intentions to, teach at a K-12 public school in Marin County

The scholarship recipient will receive $20,000 towards their first year of tuition at USF ($10,000 per semester.)

Application Process: 

The next Marin Diverse Educator Scholarship award has been awarded to a student enrolled in fall 2024. The application is now closed.

If you have questions about the application, please contact the School of Education Admissions Office at

The Riccardo P. Molinari Endowment Scholarship fund is for School of Education (SOE) Bilingual Authorization Multiple or Single Subject teacher education students who are full time, in good standing, and have demonstrated financial need.

Three scholarships of $2,750 each are available to students currently enrolled in the USF School of Education Teacher Education Program. Funds will be disbursed in the spring semester. The funds are restricted to meet tuition expenses.

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Candidates must be pursuing the Bilingual Authorization Multiple or Single Subjects Credential.
  • Candidates must be enrolled in or plan to take the Bilingual Authorization courses at the School of Education.
  • Candidates must maintain good standing with the School of Education and the University (GPA 3.0 +).
  • Candidates must demonstrate financial need, with a Financial Aid Application completed and on file with the USF Office of Financial Aid.

 Not Eligible: 

  • Students in the Special Education programs are not eligible for consideration.
  • Students who have previously received the Molinari Scholarship are not eligible for consideration.


The Molinari Scholarship application, essay, and paragraph on your financial need must be submitted by November 30th.

Application Process: 

To apply, complete the application, essay, and paragraph on financial need by the deadline. Send these required documents to

We will offer reduced tuition for SFUSD employees, who begin any of our preliminary credential-plus-MA programs (e.g., MAT, MATR, UESJ, SPED) at the San Francisco Hilltop Campus (not additional locations) starting in spring, summer, or fall, if employees meet these criteria:

  • candidates are currently employed as paraprofessionals, emergency-credentialed teachers, or long-term substitute teachers that wish to apply for any of our preliminary teacher credential plus MA programs (MAT, MATR, UESJ and Special ED)
  • candidates will continue to be employed as such (or they become interns) during their enrollment in the USF program in the same year
  • candidates plan to teach in SFUSD for at least 3 years thereafter

Note: Students are only eligible for one type of reduced tuition, e.g. students who receive the SFUSD Employee Discount Rate are not eligible for the Catholic Educator Reduced Tuition Rate.

For more information, contact

All students enrolled in the Special Education MA program are eligible to work full-time in a Bay Area school district and be paid a full-time teacher’s salary while they go through the program.

For more information, please contact Quyen Tran in the Department of Learning and Instruction.

The TEACH Grant provides up to $4,000* per year to graduate students who are completing coursework needed to begin a career in teaching. In order to be eligible for this grant a student must: 

  • Complete a FAFSA for the current academic year at
  • Complete grant form by the priority due date in order to have the TEACH Grant funds reflected on your semester bill:
    • July 15 for fall semester
    • December 15 for spring semester
    • April 15 for summer semester

Note: Deadlines above apply to continuing students. New students will receive information about applying to the TEACH Grant (and the deadline for new students) at New Student Orientation.

  • Complete entrance counseling and sign an agreement to serve;
  • Be in the process of completing coursework and other requirements necessary to begin a career in teaching.
  • Plan to enroll in 3 units or more per semester
  • Students must not already have a graduate degree

Students must ALSO qualify academically in ONE of the following ways:

  • If the student is a graduate student during the first payment period (a first semester student), s/he must have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.25 on a 4.0 scale, or the numeric equivalent; OR
  • If the student is a graduate student beyond the first payment period (a continuing student), s/he must have a cumulative graduate GPA of at least 3.25 on a 4.0 scale, or the numeric equivalent, through the most-recently completed payment period.

Within eight years of completing enrollment in a credential program, TEACH Grant recipients are required to:

  • Teach full-time for a minimum of four years.
  • Teach as a highly-qualified teacher at an elementary school, secondary school or educational service agency in a low-income school district, as defined in the Teacher Cancellation Low-Income Directory.
  • Teach in a high-need field, as defined by the Department of Education’s annual Teacher Shortage Area Nationwide Listing, in the majority of classes taught during each elementary and secondary academic year.
  • Report the above information to the Department of Education within 120 days after ceasing enrollment and once a year thereafter.

IMPORTANT: This grant may convert to an unsubsidized loan, including all applicable interest, if the above stated requirements are not met.

Students accepted into the Reading Certificate Program are not eligible for the TEACH Grant.

If you are accepted into, or enrolled in, an eligible program and would like to apply for a TEACH Grant, please complete the Teach Grant Request Form (grant application) and submit it to your program coordinator listed below by the priority due date (see above for dates).

* The actual amount of the grant is determined annually and dependent on Federal funding.

The University of San Francisco’s Teacher Education Department has partnered with The Presidio Hill School to offer The USF & Presidio Hill School Teacher Apprentice Program in Progressive Education.

Students accepted to the USF & Presidio Hill School Teacher Apprentice Program complete a two-year teaching apprenticeship with a master teacher at Presidio Hill School while earning a master's degree and California teaching credential from the USF School of Education. Apprentices work with their master teacher at Presidio Hill School for the full school week and attend graduate courses at USF in the evening. Additionally, apprentices will complete a short student teaching placement in a public school classroom. Apprentices receive a $25,000 per year stipend and ongoing classroom support.


  • Candidates must apply & be accepted to both the USF Teaching MA program on the USF Hilltop Campus and the USF and Presidio Hill School Teacher Apprentice Program.
  • Program open to Multiple Subject credential candidates on the Hilltop Campus only.
  • Candidates must have a deep interest in learning the practices of progressive education.
  • Students participating in the Urban Education and Social Justice program or the Bilingual Authorization program are ineligible to participate in the USF & Presidio Hill School Teacher Apprentice Program.

Application Process:

Interested applicants must submit an online application to the USF Teacher Education program in addition to completing the release and online application for the USF & Presidio Hill Teacher Apprentice Program.

The priority application deadline for the USF & Presidio Hill School Teacher Apprentice Program beginning fall semester has been extended to March 15.

For more information, contact