Behavior Support

When in doubt, please report any concerns about student behavior.

Department of Public Safety
Public Safety Dispatch: (415) 422-2911

The SOE protocols for reporting distressing student behavior:

  • Emergency - If there is an immediate threat, call Public Safety Dispatch (415) 422-2911 to report the incident
  • Non-Emergency - for distressing student behavior that is not an immediate threat but is affecting student’s academic progress or success you should contact the Crisis Management and Behavioral Intervention Team (reports can be made online at the Red Folder website or by phone at (415) 422-5330, or an Associate Dean
    • Inside or outside of the classroom, faculty may at some point notice student behaviors that are concerning. All faculty should report anything that they find troubling or out of the ordinary as they are the best resource because they are familiar with the student. All faculty are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the procedures for reporting distressing student behavior, accessible online.

      Counseling and Psychological Services

      Students may or may not know that counseling services are available to them free of charge through the USF Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). CAPS is staffed by licensed psychologists experienced in working with student concerns. Supervised doctoral interns also provide counseling. They assist students in resolving problems that interfere with their optimal functioning. Students can receive brief individual or couples therapy. Those requiring or desiring longer-term counseling will be provided with referrals.

      If you notice that a student is struggling academically or facing troubling personal challenges, you may refer them to CAPS or yourself for guidance on how best to support the student.


      The cost of services is included as part of the student's tuition and fees.

      Faculty and staff

      Faculty and staff are welcome to use CAPS for a consultation or referral to outside agencies.