Academic Writing Support

USF Writing Center

Some students may wish to obtain editorial assistance with grammar, syntax, and style. (Editorial assistance for content is unacceptable.) If a student needs help with the former, the Writing Center is located in Gleeson Library, Lower Level, G03 on the Hilltop campus. Students should phone (415) 422-6713 to arrange an appointment. The Writing Center will arrange for a writing coach to work with students at no cost. Help is also available online.

The Writing Center makes available a representative for each Branch campus. Since each campus representative holds individualized dates and times, please check with the office manager or contact the Hilltop Writing Center for potential appointments.

USF Writing Center

School of Education Writing Center

The School of Education also has an in-house writing center. Students are able to receive one-on-one writing support.

Please contact Dr. Susan Katz for more information about location and hours.