Educational Workshop

Under the supervision of the Dons: Do Something About It program directors, peer educators will deliver a minimum of four workshops each semester on alcohol use and misuse, and bystander intervention that will also deal with sexual consent and sexual assault.

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives of the Alcohol Use and Misuse workshop

  • Define the standard size of an alcoholic drink.
  • List the factors that influence blood alcohol concentration.
  • Differentiate between responsible drinkers, problem/binge drinkers, and an alcoholic.
  • Discuss the social, emotional, physical, and legal consequences of heavy drinking.
  • Provide information and instruction on responsible drinking strategies.

Learning objectives of the Bystander Intervention workshop

  • Define bystander intervention and its challenges.
  • List strategies for effective bystander interventions.
  • Define consent in the context of an intimate relationship.
  • List a number of barriers to sexual consent.
  • Develop skills and strategies to ask for sexual consent.
  • Define sexual assault and recognize various assaultive behaviors.
  • Correct misinformation about alcohol and problem drinking.
  • Stop dangerous behaviors as a result of problem drinking.
  • Intervene when witnessing problems related to alcohol.
  • Motivate others to consider less harmful behaviors.

If you are interested in requesting this workshop, please fill out the: Peer Educator Workshop Request Form.