Curricular Practical Training Information for Faculty and Staff

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is a work authorization benefit for some F-1 students and needs to have a direct connection to the academic program curriculum. Since not all degrees at USF require or have the option for students to engage in internships, training, or employment as part of the program, not all F-1 students are eligible for CPT. A student may ask you if they are eligible for CPT, and the best way to determine this is if this kind of training is a “integral part of the established curriculum”.

There are two major types of CPT that we use at USF. The first is CPT for a program that requires a number of practical training hours to satisfy degree requirements. The second is CPT for a program that has a required or optional course that has practical training. The first option can allow students to be more flexible in their employment start and end date, but if CPT is based on a course, the employment dates need to be within that course.

In order for ISSS to process CPT for a student we need three things:

  • A letter from the academic advisor, professor, or department stating that the student is in good academic standing, the students' program of study, expected degree completion, employer information, and to confirm, to the best of their knowledge, that the employment is related to the field of study, and indicate employment start and end dates. This letter should also state what course or degree requirement the student is satisfying with this practical training.
  • A letter from the employer, written on letterhead and signed by the supervisor or hiring body, and containing the title of the position the student will hold, a description of job responsibilities, the exact dates of employment, the hours per week that the student will work, and the address of the employer.
  • Proof of course enrollment printed from USFconnect or on an add form signed by the department.

*For more CPT information and a CPT advisor letter template you can view the student instructions.