Being a Good Neighbor

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The Good Neighbor and Tenant Program is an online workshop about off-campus living to provide USF students with the tools to be good neighbors, responsible community members, and better tenants. Students will earn a certificate and verification letter once they have successfully completed the workshop. 

Modules & Topics Covered

The Good Neighbor and Tenant program is comprised of modules, each highlighting various aspects of off-campus living. These include:

  • Living in San Francisco: Neighbor Etiquette
  • Noise and Parties
  • Trash Management
  • Parking and Street Regulations
  • Tenants’ rights & responsibilities 

At the end of the program, complete the knowledge check to receive a certificate and verification letter to show your prospective landlord.  

How to Enroll

All interested students can enroll in the course by emailing with Good Neighbor Course Enrollment in the Subject Line

Why you should consider completing this course? 

By completing this quick course, you will earn a  certificate that will show owners  and property managers you are responsible and care about being a good tenant . This certificate will give you an advantage when looking for an apartment